1986 (vol. 12) articles

Vol. 12, no. 1, Spring 1986

John Denham: new letters and documents (pp. 1-20)
Hilton Kelliher

A newly discovered leaf of 'The Sforza Hours' (pp. 21-27)
M. L. Evans

'Riches for the geography of America and Spain': Felipe Bauzá and his topographical collections, 1789-1848 (pp. 28-57)
Peter Barber

'Fortescue': the British Museum and British Library Subject Index (pp. 58-63)
F. J. Hill

Richard Garnett as censor (pp. 64-75)
Barbara McCrimmon

The man who wrote on the manuscripts in the British Museum (pp. 76-85)
C. J. Wright

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: notable acquisitions 1975-1985: Italian books 1501-1600 (pp. 86-101)
D. E. Rhodes

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: Polish books (pp. 102-108)
H. Świderska

Notes on contributors (p. 108)

Vol. 12, no. 2, Autumn 1986

The Būstān of Saʿdī: an illustrated Persian manuscript dated 850/1446 (pp. 109-118)
Norah M. Titley and M. I. Waley

Acquisitions in the Department of Printed Books, 1935-50, and the effects of the war (pp. 119-144)
P. R. Harris

Fragment of an unpublished essay on printing by William Camden (pp. 145-149)
R. D. Dunn

John Bagford, bookseller and antiquary (pp. 150-171)
Milton McC. Gatch

The Cranbrook papers: stray letters from a politician's archive (pp. 172-175)
Robert A. H. Smith

Holywell House: a Gothic villa at St Albans (pp. 176-183)
Frances Harris

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: selected acquisitions, mainly from the period 1979-1985 Map Library (pp. 184-196)
Tony Campbell

Notes on contributors (p. 196)

General index (pp. 197-206)