1987 (vol. 13) articles

Vol. 13, no. 2, Spring 1987

Ephraem the Syrian and the Latin manuscripts of De Paenitentia (pp. 1-24)
T. S. Pattie

'Carte Blanche' (pp. 25-32)
T. C. Skeat

The account book of a Marian bookseller, 1553-4 (pp. 33-57)
John N. King

The printing of the 'Sermón de Amores' of Cristóbal de Castillejo (pp. 58-63)
Dennis E. Rhodes

The Evanion Collection (pp. 64-70)
Elizabeth Harland

The embroidered binding of the Felbrigge Psalter (pp. 71-78)
Penelope Wallis

Deciphering the Cotton Genesis miniatures: preliminary observations concerning the use of colour (pp. 79-100)
Marian Wenzel

Recent acquisitions: manuscript collections: acquisitions January-December 1982 (pp. 101-109)
Scot McKendrick

Notes on contributors (p. 109)

Vol. 13, no. 2, Autumn 1987

D. H. Turner (1931-1985): a portrait (pp. 111-116)
Janet Backhouse and Shelley Jones

Bibliography of the writings of D. H. Turner (pp. 116-117)

The structure of English pre-conquest Benedictionals (pp. 118-158)
Andrew Prescott

The artists of the Rutland Psalter (pp. 159-185)
Nigel Morgan

Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts from the library of Sir Sydney Cockerell (pp. 186-210)
Christopher de Hamel

The Tilliot Hours: comparisons and relationships (pp. 211-231)
Janet Backhouse

New light on the 'Sforziada' frontispieces of Giovan Pietro Birago (pp. 232-247)
M. L. Evans

Notes on contributors (p. 247)

General index (pp. 249-257)