1988 (vol. 14) articles

Vol. 14, no. 1, Spring 1988

Sir Hans Sloane, scientist (pp. 1-20)
Maarten Ultee

Sir Hans Sloane and the Russian Academy of Sciences (pp. 21-37)
Christine G. Thomas

A preliminary check-list of Sir Hans Sloane's catalogues (pp. 38-51)
Peter Murray Jones

Hans Sloane, book collector and cataloguer, 1682-1698 (pp. 52-89)
M. A. E. Nickson

The Hastings Hours and the Master of 1499 (pp. 90-106)
Bodo Brinkmann

Shorter Contributions

An addition to the bibliography of Nantes (pp. 107-109)
Dennis E. Rhodes

A friend of the Clementis (pp. 110-112)
C. J. Wright

Recent acquisitions: manuscript collections: acquisitions January-December 1983 (pp. 113-120)
Scot McKendrick

Notes on contributors (p. 121)

Vol. 14, no. 2, Autumn 1988

John Wilson, Hume's first printer (pp. 123-135)
David Fate Norton

A stray notebook of miscellaneous writings by Coleridge (pp. 136-153)
Hilton Kelliher

'Hundreds of selves': the British Library's Katherine Mansfield letters (pp. 154-164)
Sally Brown


W. R. S. Ralston (1828-89): scholarship and scandal in the British Museum (pp. 178-198)
Barbara McCrimmon

Stefan Zweig's copy of Rimbaud, Une Saison en enfer (1873) (pp. 199-203)
Chris Michaelides

W. H. Auden's Poems of 1928 (pp. 203-208)
Joanna Leevers

Recent acquisitions: English Language Collections: selected acquisitions 1982-1987 (pp. 209-216)
Jean Archibald and Elizabeth James

Notes on contributors (p. 216)

General index (pp. 217-221)