1989 (vol. 15) articles

Vol. 15, no. 1, Spring 1989

Remembering David Goldstein (1933-1987) (pp. 6-15)
Albertine Gaur

The beginnings of Hebrew printing in Egypt (pp. 16-22)
Diana Rowland-Smith

Edward William Lane and his Arabic-English 'Thesaurus' (pp. 23-34)
Peter Stocks

The great gun at Agra (pp. 35-58)
J. P. Losty

The making of a collection: Burmese manuscripts in the British Library (pp. 59-70)
Patricia Herbert

A rebellion in Burma: the Sagaing Uprising of 1910 (pp. 71-89)
S. R. Ashton

Kaempfer's album of famous sights of seventeenth-century Japan (pp. 90-103)
Yu-Ying Brown

Problems in the history of Chinese bindings (pp. 104-119)
Li Zhizhong (translated by Frances Wood)

Notes on contributors (p. 121)

Vol. 15, no. 2, Autumn 1989

The Harley family and the Harley papers (pp. 123-133)
Clyve Jones

Sir Robert Harley, K.B., (1579-1656) and the 'character' of a puritan (pp. 134-157)
Jacqueline Eales

Robert Harley's 'middle way': the Puritan heritage in Augustan politics (pp. 158-172)
David Hayton

Robert Harley's parliamentary apprenticeship: 1690-1695 (pp. 173-186)
Ted Rowlands

Thomas Tudway and the Harleian Collection of 'Ancient' church music (pp. 187-205)
William Weber

Shorter Contributions

A skeleton in the cupboard: James West and the Portland Papers (pp. 206-208)
Frances Harris

An unrecognized Spanish edition of Poliziano's Silvae (pp. 208-211)
Dennis E. Rhodes

Recent acquisitions: Slavonic and East European Collections: three Polish pamphlets on Pseudo-Messiah Sabbatai Sevi (pp. 212-216)
Hanna Świderska

Notes on contributors (p. 217)

General index (pp. 218-223)