1990 (vol. 16) articles

Vol. 16, no. 1, Spring 1990

Carolingian uncial: a context for the Lothar Psalter (pp. 1-15)
Rosamond McKitterick

Colour notes in English Romanesque manuscripts (pp. 16-25)
Andreas Petzold

The 'Sloane Group': related scientific and medical manuscripts from the fifteenth century in the Sloane Collection (pp. 26-57)
Linda Ehrsam Voigts

An old Spanish translation from the 'Flores Sancti Bernardi' in British Library ADD. MS. 14040, ff. 111V-112V (pp. 58-65)
Barry Taylor

Egerton MSS. 302 and 303: a Spanish chronicle cycle and its history (pp. 66-88)
David Hook

Books seen by Samuel Ward 'In Bibliotheca regia' circa 1614 (pp. 89-98)
James P. Carley

Shorter Contributions

Missing folios in Cotton MS. Nero A. I (pp. 99-100)
J. E. Cross

Count Lodovico Nogarola and the divorce of Catherine of Aragon (pp. 100-102)
Dennis E. Rhodes

Recent acquisitions: A binding by the Scales Binder, circa 1456-65
Mirjam M. Foot

Notes on contributors (p. 107)

Vol. 16, no. 2, Autumn 1990

James II in pursuit of a pirate at Malta (pp. 109-116)
D. F. Allen

Swift, the Earl of Oxford, and the management of the House of Lords in 1713: two new lists (pp. 117-130)
Clyve Jones

Isaac Bernard: Prague Jew, jeweller, mintmaster and spy (pp. 131-150)
Peter Barber

London, Bengal, the China trade and the unfrequented extremities of Asia: the East India Company's settlement in New Guinea, 1793-95 (pp. 151-173)
Andrew Griffin

Ephraem's 'On Repentance' and the translation of the Greek text into other languages (pp. 174-186)
T. S. Pattie

Shorter Contributions

The authorship and date of HARL. MS. 6249, ff. 106V-110 (pp. 187-191)
Takau Shimada

Some officials of the early eighteenth-century Secretaries of State (pp. 192-193)
J. D. Alsop

Recent acquisitions: music: a monument of the ancient music (pp. 194-200)
Graham Pont

Working with Vaughan Williams: some newly discovered manuscripts (pp. 201-203)
Roy Douglas

Notes on contributors (p. 204)

General index (pp. 205-209)