1991 (vol. 17) articles

Vol. 17, no. 1, Spring 1991

A catalogue of Sir Robert Cotton's printed books? (pp. 1-11)
Colin G. C. Tite

From copy to facsimile: a millennium of studying the Vatican Vergil (pp. 12-35)
David H. Wright

Guglielmo Libri and the British Museum: a case of scandal averted (pp. 36-60)
P. Alessandra Maccioni

The British Museum Library and colonial copyright deposit (pp. 61-82)
Ilse Sternberg

Shorter Contributions

Two fragments from Cotton MS. Otho B. X (pp. 83-87)
S. D. Lee

'Importunate cries of misery': the correspondence of Lucius Henry Hibbins and the Duke of Newcastle, 1741-58 (pp. 87-93)
William T. Gibson

Recent acquisitions: Twentieth century Italian imprints (pp.94-104)
Denis Reidy

Recent acquisitions: a memento of Napoleon (pp. 104-108)
Morna Daniels

Notes on contributors (p. 109)

Vol. 17, no. 2, Autumn 1991

Images of the Ottoman Empire: the photograph albums presented by Sultan Abdülhamid II (pp. 111-127)
Muhammad Isa Waley

Colin Mackenzie: collector extraordinary (pp. 128-150)
David M. Blake

The British Museum Library and the India Office (pp. 151-166)
Ilse Sternberg

Malay manuscript art: the British Library collection (pp. 167-189)
Annabel Teh Gallop

An archive of the 1989 Chinese Pro-Democracy Movement (pp. 190-197)
Sherry Bond

A glimpse above the clouds: the Japanese Court in 1859 (pp. 198-220)
Hamish Todd

Notes on contributors (p. 221)

General index (pp. 222-226)