1992 (vol. 18) articles

Vol. 18, no. 1, Spring 1992

Sir Robert Cotton and the commemoration of famous men (pp. 1-28)
David Howarth

Cotton's counsels: the contexts of Cottoni Posthuma (pp. 29-43)
Graham Parry

Sir Robert Cotton's record of a royal bookshelf (pp. 44-51)
Janet Backhouse

The Royal Library as a source for Sir Robert Cotton's collection: a preliminary list of acquisitions (pp. 52-73)
James P. Carley

Some classified catalogues of the Cottonian Library (pp. 74-87)
E. C. Teviotdale

Sir Robert Cotton, antiquarianism and estate administration: a Chancery Decree of 1627 (pp. 88-96)
Roger B. Manning

Recent acquisitions: English bookbindings: additions to the collections 1975-1985 (pp. 97-104)
Philippa Marks

Notes on contributors (p. 105)

Vol. 18, no. 2, Autumn 1992

'Lost or stolen or strayed': a survey of manuscripts formerly in the Cotton Library (pp. 107-147)
Colin G. C. Tite

Camden, Cotton and the chronicles of the Norman Conquest of England (pp. 148-162)
Elisabeth M. C. van Houts

An autobiographical ballad by Matthew Prior (pp. 163-170)
H. Bunker Wright and Deborah Kempf Wright

Sir William Musgrave and British biography (pp. 171-189)
Antony Griffiths

The author portraits in the Bedford Psalter-Hours: Gower, Chaucer and Hoccleve (pp. 190-201)
Sylvia Wright

Shorter Contributions

The 'Tregian' manuscripts: a study of their compilation (pp. 202-204)
Ruby Reid Thompson

An internecine administrative feud of the Commonwealth: Thomason Tract 669.f.20(18) (pp. 205-207)
Patrick Carter

Notes on contributors (p. 208)

General index (pp. 209-214)