1993 (vol. 19) articles

Vol. 19, no. 1, Spring 1993

Two unrecorded incunables: Rouen, circa 1497, and Lyons, circa 1500 (pp. 1-10)
David J. Shaw

The Swiss Civil War of 1712 in contemporary sources (pp. 11-33)
Graham Nattrass

Paine's Rights of Man, Swedenborgianism and freedom of the press in Sweden: a publishing enigma of 1792 (pp. 34-43)
Peter C. Hogg

'The collection of Marat's bibliographer' at the British Library (pp. 44-57)
Jacques de Cock

Ramon Miquel y Planas and his Biblioteca catalana: medievalism, publishing and bibliophilia in early twentieth-century Barcelona (pp. 58-82)
Barry Taylor

Three early Cavafy items in the British Libraryv(pp. 83-104)
Chris Michaelides

Shorter Contributions

The picture of the Crucifixion in the Floreffe Bible (London, BL, ADD. MS. 17738, f. 187r): typology as an expression of the history of salvation (pp. 105-109)
Werner Telesko

The works of Paolo Angelo (pp. 109-112)
Dennis E. Rhodes

Notes on contributors (p. 113)

Vol. 19, no. 2, Autumn 1993

The elder William Trumbull: a biographical sketch (pp. 115-132)
Sonia P. Anderson

The Weckherlin Papers (pp. 133-141)
Leonard Forster

Sir William Trumbull and the Marquis of Halifax (pp. 142-147)
Mark N. Brown

'Party rage and faction' - the view from Fulham, Scotland Yard and the Temple: parliament in the letters of Thomas Bateman and John and Ralph Bridges to Sir William Trumbull, 1710-1714 (pp. 148-149)
Clyve Jones

'The honourable sisterhood': Queen Anne's maids of honour (pp. 181-198)
Frances Harris

British foreign policy and international affairs during Sir William Trumbull's career (pp. 199-217)
Jeremy Black

A letter from Cerrāḥ Musṭafā Pasha, Vālī of Tunis, to Sir William Trumbull (A.H. 1099/A.D. 1688) (pp. 218-229)
Colin Heywood

Notes on contributors (p. 230)

General index (pp. 231-238)