1995 (vol. 21) articles

Vol. 21, no. 1, Spring 1995

Miscellanea Hebraica Bibliographica edited by Brad Sabin Hill

Further notes on Samaritan typography (pp. 1-15)
Alan D. Crown

The story of my library (pp. 16-22)
Moses Gaster

Charles II's Hebrew books (pp. 23-33)
David Goldstein

A 'catalogue of Hebrew printers' (pp. 34-65)
Brad Sabin Hill

The India Office manuscript of Maimonides's guide: the earliest complete copy in the Judaeo-Arabic original (pp. 66-70)
V. Tzvi Langermann

A supplementary list of Judaeo-Persian manuscripts (pp. 71-80)
Vera Basch Moreen

Yiddish manuscripts in the British Library (pp. 81-108)
Leonard Prager and Brad Sabin Hill

C. D. Ginsburg and the Shapira Affair: a nineteenth-century Dead Sea Scroll controversy (pp. 109-127)
Fred N. Reiner

Recent acquisitions: A Hebrew manuscript of Clavicula Salomonis, Part II (pp. 128-136)
Claudia Rohrbacher-Sticker

Notes on contributors (p. 137)

Index (pp. 138-153)

Vol. 21, no. 2, Autumn 1995

Alec Hyatt King (1911-1995) (pp. 155-160)
P. R. Harris and O. W. Neighbour

A new English keyboard manuscript of the seventeenth century: autograph music by Draghi and Purcell (pp. 161-175)
Christopher Hogwood

An early eighteenth-century manuscript of harpsichord music: William Babell and Handel's 'Vo' far guerra' (pp. 176-183)
Graham Pont

A book of cantatas and arias bought in Florence, 1723 (pp. 184-201)
Reinhard Strohm

'The art of dancing, demonstrated by characters and figures': French and English sources for court and theatre dance, 1700-1750 (pp. 202-231)
Moira Goff

John Field: the 'hidden manuscripts' and other sources in the British Library (pp. 232-239)
Robin Langley

From Purcell to Wardour Street: a brief account of music manuscripts from the Library of Vincent Novello now in the British Library (pp. 240-258)
Chris Banks

Mátyás Seiber's collaboration in Adorno's jazz project, 1936 (pp. 259-288)
Nick Chadwick

Recent acquisitions: Music Library: notable acquisitions 1985-1994 (pp. 289-313)
M. Turner

Notes on contributors (p. 314)

General index (pp. 315-326)