1996 (vol. 22) articles

Vol. 22, no. 1, Spring 1996

Images and icons of the new world: essays on American cartography edited by Karen Severud Cook

'A very common and usuall trade': the relationship between cartographic perceptions and 'fishing' in the Davis Strait circa 1500-1550 (pp. 1-26)
Kirsten A. Seaver

Thomas Jeffreys's map of Canada and the mapping of the Western part of North America, 1750-1768 (pp. 27-54)
Joan Winearls

Two manuscript maps of Nuevo Santander in Northern new Spain from the eighteenth century (pp. 55-65)
Dennis Reinhartz

An early map on skin of the area later to become Indiana and Illinois (pp. 66-87)
G. Malcolm Lewis

Benjamin Franklin and the snake that would not die (pp. 88-111)
Karen Severud Cook

Notes on contributors (p. 112)

Vol. 22, no. 2, Autumn 1996

The reconstruction of a burnt Cottonian manuscript: the case of Cotton Ms. Otho A. I (pp. 113-160)
Simon Keynes

The Garendon cartularies in BL, Landsowne 415 (pp. 161-171)
David Postles

An old Spanish tale from Add. Ms. 14040, ff. 113r-114v: 'Exenplo que acaesçio en tierra de Damasco a la buena duenna climeçia que avia veynte annos e la meçia en cuna (pp. 172-185)
Barry Taylor

A marginal sketch in BL, Additional Ms. 25690, the Cronica del Cid Campeador, and the legend of the 'Jura de Santa Gadea' (pp. 186-192)
David Hook

Some newly discovered miniatures by Simon Marmion and his workshop (pp. 193-220)
Thomas Kren

The printing history of the Constantinople Hebrew incunable of 1493: a Mediterranean voyage of discovery (pp. 221-235)
Adri K. Offenberg

Shorter Contributions

A further note on 'asiantos' in Ephraem the Syrian (pp. 236-237)
David G. K. Taylor

Notes on the bibliography of Rainerius de Pisis (pp. 238-241)
Dennis E. Rhodes

Notes on contributions (p. 242)

Index (pp. 243-252)