1997 (vol. 23) articles

Vol. 23, no. 1, Spring 1997

Early printing from Africa in the British Library (pp. 1-11)
Carol Holden

Gandhi and the Indian women's movement (pp. 12-27)
Lyn Norvell

Post-war Philippine fiction in English (pp. 28-32)
Illa Sarvia

Slavery and antislavery in the United States of America (pp. 33-40)
Jean Kemble

The Covenant of the League of Nations (pp. 41-46)
Gillian Ridgley

'Books with manuscript': the case of Thomas Cranmer's library (pp. 47-59)
David G. Selwyn

English plague regulations and Italian models: printed and manuscript items in the Yelverton Collection (pp. 60-67)
Patricia Basing and Dennis E. Rhodes

The Perfect Scribe and an early engraved Esther scroll (pp. 68-80)
Eva Frojmovic

An unrecognized novelist: Frances Jacson (1754-1842) (pp. 81-97)
Joan Percy

Recent acquisitions: A rare Wyndham Lewis pamphlet (pp. 98-101)
James Egles

Three modern American acquisitions (pp. 102-104)
Andrew Digby

Notes on contributors (p. 105)

Vol. 23, no. 2, Autumn 1997

Panizzi Bicentenary Issue

The young Panizzi (pp. 107-114)
M. R. D. Foot

Panizzi, Grenville and the Grenville Library (pp. 115-130)
Denis V. Reidy

Adolphus Asher (1800-1853): Berlin bookseller, Anglophile, and friend to Panizzi (pp. 131-153)
David Paisey

Watts, Panizzi and Asher: the development of the Russian collections 1837-1869 (pp. 154-175)
Christine Thomas and Bob Henderson

Consort and cupola: Prince Albert, Panizzi and the Reading Room of the British Museum (pp. 176-193)
C. J. Wright

The Panizzi touch: Panizzi's successors as Principal Librarian (pp. 194-236)
Andrew Prescott

James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps and the British Museum Library (pp. 237-258)
Marvin Spevack

Shorter Contributions

The rediscovery of Margery Kempe: a footnote (pp. 259-263)
Hilton Kelliher

The dating of Seiber/Adorno papers held by the British Library (pp. 264-266)
Evelyn Wilcock

Notes on contributors (p. 267)

Index (pp. 269-278)