1998 (vol. 24) articles

Vol. 24, no. 1, Spring 1998

Kenneth B. Gardner (1924-1995) (pp. 1-3)
Yu-Ying Brown

Under the censor's eye: printed almanacs and censorship in ninth-century China (pp. 4-22)
Susan Whitfield

Photographs in the British Library of documents and manuscripts from Sir Aurel Stein's fourth Central Asian expedition (pp. 23-74)
Wang Jiqing

The photographs from Stein's fourth expedition: a footnote (pp. 75-77)
John Falconer

The historical importance of the Chinese fragments from Dunhuang in the British Library (pp. 78-89)
Rong Xinjiang

Four unpublished paintings from Dunhuang in the Oriental Collections of the British Library (pp. 90-97)
Roderick Whitfield

Closely observed China: from William Alexander's sketches to his published work (pp. 98-121)
Frances Wood

Sir Robert Kennaway Douglas and his contemporaries (pp. 122-129)
Yu-Ying Brown

The British Library's Sado mining scrolls (pp. 130-143)
Hamish Todd

Origins and characteristics of the Japanese Collection in the British Library (pp. 144-157)
Yu-Ying Brown

A Korean Buddhist illuminated manuscript (pp. 158-167)
Beth McKillop

Notes on contributors (p. 168)

Vol. 24, no. 2, Autumn 1998

The Codex Alexandrinus and the Alexandrian Greek Types (pp. 169-183)
J. H. Bowman

The Edwards of Halifax Bindery (pp. 184-218)
P. J. M. Marks

French newspapers and ephemera from the 1848 revolution (pp. 219-233)
Morna Daniels

The book cover designs of John Leighton, F.S.A. (pp. 234-255)
Edmund M. B. King

'Rise and shine!': the birth of the glossy magazine (pp. 256-268)
David Reed

The Tyson Collection (pp. 269-277)
O. W. Neighbour

Recent acquisitions: a Shāhnāma miniature of the fourteenth century
Norah M. Titley

Notes on contributors (p. 281)

Index (pp. 282-292)