1999 (vol. 25) articles

Vol. 25, no. 1, Spring 1999

Dryden Attributions and Texts from Harley MS. 6054 (pp. 1-22)
Hilton Kelliher

New Light on Richard Steele (pp. 23-34)
J. D. Alsop

Jacobites Under the Beds: Bishop Francis Atterbury, the Earl of Sunderland and the Westminster School Dormitory Case of 1721 (pp. 35-54)
Clyve Jones

Francisco Muñoz y San Clemente and his 'Reflections on the English Settlements on New Holland' (pp. 55-76)
Robert J. King

Patronage and Connection: The Career of the Rev. William Talbot (1720-1811), Chancellor of Salisbury (pp. 77-84)
William T. Gibson

Cuttings from an Unknown Copy of the Magna Glossatura in a Wycliffite Bible (British Library, Arundel MS. 104) (pp. 85-100)
Stella Panayotova

Notes on contributors (p. 101)

Vol. 25, no. 2, Autumn 1999

New Evidence about Sir Geoffrey Luttrell's Raid on Sempringham Priory, 1312 (pp. 1-3-128)
Joyce Coleman

Six Unpublished Letters of Queen Henrietta Maria (pp. 129-143)
R. A. Beddard

The Development of the pre-1801 Scandinavian Printed Collections in the British Library (pp. 144-163)
Peter C. Hogg

Further Sources for the Swiss Civil War of 1712 in the British Library's Collections (pp. 164-179)
Graham Nattrass

Tyrwhitt's Urry's Chaucer's Works: the Tracks of Editorial History (pp. 180-203)
Sarah A. Kelen

A History of Edward Gibbon's Six Autobiographical Manuscripts (pp. 188-203)
John Gawthrop

Robert Fulton: a Letter to Lord Nelson (pp. 204-211)
R. A. H. Smith

'A Flute of Arcady': Autograph Poems of Tennyson's friend, Arthur Henry Hallam (pp. 212-233)
Roger Evans

Notes on contributors (p. 234)

Index (pp.235-245)

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