2010 articles

  1. Fortunate Survivors: Maps and Map Fragments in the Bagford Collection
    Tom Harper
  2. 'A Poor Jonah': John Osborne's Roads to Freedom
    Jamie Andrews
  3. The Lady Eccles Oscar Wilde Collection
    Andrea Lloyd
  4. The First British Performances of Beethoven’s ‘Choral’ Symphony: The Philharmonic Society and Sir George Smart
    Arthur Searle
  5. Edward Angelo Goodall (1819-1908): An Artist's Travels in British Guiana and the Crimea
    Michael St John-McAlister
  6. A Lost Manuscript of the 'Rymes of […] Randolf Erl of Chestre'
    John Spence
  7. The Evolution of George Hakewill’s Apologie or Declaration of the Power and Providence of God, 1627-1637: Academic Contexts, and Some New Angles from Manuscripts
    William Poole
  8. John Grose (1744-1771): Correspondence relating to his Career in Bengal, 1763-1771
    Avril Pedley
  9. From the Bombast of Vachel Lindsay to the Compass of Noise: The Papers of Bob Cobbing at the British Library
    Chris Beckett
  10. 'One of the Most Remarkable Things in London': A Visit to the Lord Treasurer’s Library in 1713 by Samuel Molyneux
    Paul Holden
  11. Harley and the Myth of the Golden Thread: Family Piety, Journalism and the History of the Assassination Attempt of 8 March 1711
    Clyve Jones
  12. A Scottish Whig View of the Character of Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, in 1713
    Clyve Jones
  13. London, British Library Royal MS. 8 A. XVIII: A Unique Insight into the Career of a Cistercian Monk at the University of Oxford in the Early Fifteenth Century
    Antonia Fitzpatrick
  14. Beyond Photography: An Introduction to William Henry Fox Talbot’s Notebooks in the Talbot Collection at the British Library
    Mirjam Brusius

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