2011 articles

  1. The Harleys as Collectors
    Frances Harris
  2. Humfrey Wanley and the Harley Collection
    Deirdre Jackson
  3. Beyond the Template: Aesthetics and Meaning in the Images of the Roman d'Alexandre en prose in Harley MS. 4979
    Maud Pérez-Simon
  4. 'In this signe thou shalt ouercome hem alle': Visual Rhetoric and Yorkist Propaganda in Lydgate's Fall of Princes Harl. MS. 1766)
    Sarah Pittaway
  5. Kissing Images, Unfurling Rolls, Measuring Wounds, Sewing Badges and Carrying Talismans: Considering Some Harley Manuscripts through the Physical Rituals they Reveal
    Kathryn M. Rudy
  6. Good Morals for a Couple at the Burgundian Court: Contents and Context of Harley 1310, Le Livre des bonnes meurs of Jacques Legrand
    Hanno Wijsman
  7. Advising France through the Example of England: Visual Narrative in the Livre de la prinse et mort du roy Richart (Harl. MS. 1319)
    Anne D. Hedeman
  8. Harley MS. 3469: Splendor Solis or Splendour of the Sun - A German Alchemical Manuscript
    Jörg Völlnagel
  9. The Westminster Tournament Challenge (Harley 83 H 1) and Thomas Wriothesley's Workshop
    Alison Tara Walker
  10. The Metamorphoses of a Late Fifteenth-Century Psalter (Harl. MS. 1892)
    Catherine Yvard
  11. Harley MS. 2979 and the Books of Hours Produced in Avignon by the Workshop of Jean de Toulouse
    Francesca Manzari
  12. The Progress of the Text: The Papers of J. G. Ballard at the British Library
    Chris Beckett
  13. Some Greek Gospel Manuscripts in the British Library: Examples of the Byzantine Book as Holy Receptacle and Bearer of Hidden Meaning
    Mika Takiguchi
  14. 1793: A Song of the Natives of New South Wales
    Keith Vincent Smith
  15. The Printed Books of the Cotton Family and Their Dispersal: Additions
    Colin G C Tite
  16. The Library Catalogues of Sir Hans Sloane: Their Authors, Organization, and Functions
    Amy Blakeway

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