2013 articles

  1. The Duke of Newcastle's Letters on the Fall of Walpole in 1742
    Clyve Jones
  2. Accounts of Debates in the House of Commons, March–April 1731, Supplementary to the Diary of the First Earl of Egmont
    D. W. Hayton
  3.  A Medieval Psalter ‘Perfected’: Eighteenth-Century Conservationism and an Early (Female) Restorer of Rare Books and Manuscripts
    Sonja Drimmer
  4. Cornelius Cardew’s Music for Moving Images: Some Preliminary Observations
    Clemens Gresser
  5. A Fourteenth-Century Register of Freizins Rents from Erfurt (British Library, Add. MS. 24637)
    Ben Pope
  6. Paris National and International Exhibitions from 1798 to 1900: A Finding-List of British Library Holdings
    Morna Daniels
  7. An Unusual Position of Watermarks in an Italian Eighteenth-Century Paper
    Carlo Dumonte
  8. Destroyed, Damaged and Replaced: The Legacy of World War II Bomb Damage in the King’s Library
    Adrian S. Edwards
  9. 'The Most Important Books which I Would Strongly Recommend to Acquire': Petr Kropotkin and Vladimir Burtsev in Correspondence with the British Museum Library
    Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia
  10. Additions to the Library of William Dowsing (1596-1668): A Reformation Tract Volume Reassembled
    Dunstan Roberts
  11. The Problem of Death: Dr Maurice Ernest and his Longevity Library
    Lucy Evans
  12. A Place for Music: John Nash, Regent Street and the Philharmonic Society of London
    Leanne Langley
  13. Past, Present and Future for Thirteenth-Century Wales: Two Diagrams in British Library, Cotton Roll XIV.12
    Laura Cleaver
  14. Understanding a Selection of Medical, Theological and Poetic Diagrams in a Thirteenth-Century Book of Biblical Commentaries: British Library, Harley MS. 658
    Emily Corran
  15. Daniel Foote, M.D., of Cambridge: The Evidence in Print and from the Sloane Collection
    David Thorley
  16. The Making of L'Abreujamen de las estorias (Egerton MS. 1500)
    Federico Botana
  17. The Provenance of the Abreujamens de las estorias (London, British Library, Egerton MS. 1500) and the Identification of Scribal Hands (c. 1323)
    Alexander Ibarz
  18. A Genealogy of the Kings of England in Papal Avignon: British Library, Egerton MS. 1500
    Catherine Léglu

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