2014 articles

  1. Near Vermilion Sands: The Context and Date of Composition of an Abandoned Literary Draft by J. G. Ballard
    Chris Beckett
  2. The Discovery of a Watermark on the St Cuthbert Gospel using Colour Space Analysis
    Christina Duffy
  3. Forewarned and Forearmed: Contents of BL, Cotton MS. Titus A. XXV, ff. 94-105
    M R Geldof
  4. The First Manuals of English History: Two Late Thirteenth-Century Genealogical Rolls of the Kings of England in the Royal Collection
    Olivier de Laborderie
  5. Matthew Paris, Visual Exegesis, and Apocalyptic Birds in Royal MS. 14 C. VII
    Dorothy Kim
  6. A Royal Crusade History: The Livre d'Eracles and Edward IV's Exile in Burgundy
    Erin K. Donovan
  7. The Royal Image and Diplomacy: Henry VII’s Book of Astrology (British Library, Arundel MS. 66)
    Joanna Frońska
  8. Royal MS. 20 B. XX: Alexander the Great and the Voice of the Master. Interpretation and Astrology in a Medieval Manuscript
    Maud Pérez-Simon
  9. The Bestiary in British Library, Royal MS. 2 C. XII and its Role in Medieval Education
    Ilya Dines
  10. Constructing Saint Louis in John the Good's Grandes Chroniques de France (Royal MS. 16 G. VI)
    Anne D. Hedeman
  11. A History of the British Library Slavonic and East European Collections: 1952-2004
    Milan Grba
  12. A Donizetti Manuscript in the Zweig Collection
    Christopher Scobie
  13. The Dawson Turner Collection of Printed Ephemera and Great Yarmouth
    John Boneham
  14. Feo Belcari’s Rappresentazione di Abramo Offset in Phalaris’s Epistolae: Adventures of a Florentine Incunabulum
    Nerida Newbigin
  15. Frechulf of Lisieux’s Historiarum libri XII, I.ii.17 in Royal MS. 13 A. xxii
    Tristan Major
  16. John Jaffray: Victorian Bookbinder, Chartist and Trade Unionist
    P. J. M. Marks
  17. In a Bind: Pratt's Qui Tams and the Bookbinders' Dilemma
    Jonathan E. Hill

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