2015 articles

  1. Whose Acquisitions Policy? Panizzi and his Predecessors
    Ilse Sternberg
  2. Some Italian Eighteenth-Century Books Acquired by British Travellers in Italy
    Dennis E. Rhodes
  3. Raja Jivan Ram: A Professional Indian Portrait Painter of the Early Nineteenth Century
    J. P. Losty
  4. The Opening of the Impeachment of Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, June to September 1715: The ‘Memorandum’ of William Wake, Bishop of Lincoln
    Clyve Jones
  5. J. G. Ballard's 'Elaborately Signalled Landscape': The Drafting of Concrete Island
    Chris Beckett
  6. Michael Renshaw: A Society Figure in War and Peace
    Michael St John-McAlister
  7. Books Fit for a King: The Presentation Copies of Martin Bucer's De regno Christi (London, British Library, Royal MS. 8 B. VII) and Johannes Sturm's De periodis (Cambridge, Trinity College, II.12.21 and London, British Library, C.24.e.5)
    Benjamin Pohl and Leah Tether
  8. Henry VIII and British Library, Royal MS. 2 A. XVI: Marginalia in King Henry's Psalter
    Ian Christie-Miller
  9. The Letters of Shen Fuzong to Thomas Hyde, 1687-88
    William Poole
  10. Sloane's Portuguese Books
    Júlio Costa
  11. 'I Have Neither Interest nor Eloquence Sufficient to Prevaile': The Duke of Shrewsbury and the Politics of Succession during the Reign of Anne
    Robin Eagles
  12. Black English in Britain in the Eighteenth Century
    David Paisey
  13. Intelligent by Design: The Manuscripts of Walter of Whittlesey, Monk of Peterborough
    Julian Luxford
  14. Embedded Marginalia in the Psalter and Hours of Humphrey de Bohun (British Library, Egerton MS. 3277)
    Lucy Freeman Sandler

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