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Author Index


David Frank Allen (notes)
A Knight Hospitaller's Nostalgia for Italy during the 1790s
eBLJ, 2006, Article 1

Francisco José Álvarez López (notes)
Monastic Learning in Twelfth-Century England: Marginalia, Provenance and Use in London, British Library, Cotton MS. Faustina A. X, Part B
eBLJ, 2012, Article 11

Jamie Andrews (notes)
'A Poor Jonah': John Osborne's Roads to Freedom
eBLJ, 2010, Article 2

Peter Anstey (notes) and John Burrows (notes)
John Locke, Thomas Sydenham, and the Authorship of Two Medical Essays
eBLJ, 2009, Article 3

Janet Ashton (notes)
God in All Things: The Religious Outlook of Russia's Last Empress
eBLJ, 2006, Article 4

'A Programme for the Reign': Press, Propaganda and Public Opinion at Russia's Last Coronation

Chris Beckett (notes)
Tambimuttu and the Poetry London Papers at the British Library: Reputation and Evidence
eBLJ, 2009, Article 9

From the Bombast of Vachel Lindsay to the Compass of Noise: The Papers of Bob Cobbing at the British Library
eBLJ, 2010, Article 9

The Progress of the Text: The Papers of J. G. Ballard at the British Library
eBLJ, 2011, Article 12

Bob Cobbing, Visual Art Works (1942-73): A Preliminary Survey
eBLJ, 2012, Article 7

Near Vermilion Sands: The Context and Date of Composition of an Abandoned Literary Draft by J. G. Ballard
eBLJ, 2014, Article 1

J. G. Ballard's 'Elaborately Signalled Landscape': The Drafting of Concrete Island
eBLJ, 2015, Article 5

J. G. Ballard's 'Crash! A Science Theatre Presentation for the ICA': The Context of a Document Newly Discovered
eBLJ, 2019, Article 8

A. V. Beedell (notes) with A. D. Harvey (notes)
'George Chowdharay-Best: a bibliography',
eBLJ, 2002, Article 3

Giulia Bellato (notes)
Scribes, Kings, and a Roll Chronicle: Dating and Provenance of British Library, Add. MS. 30029
eBLJ, 2019, Article 4

Dr Stephen Bernard (notes)
The Bibliographical History of The Spectator,
eBLJ, 2019, Article 1

Amy Blakeway (notes)
The Library Catalogues of Sir Hans Sloane: Their Authors, Organization, and Functions
eBLJ, 2011, Article 16

Dr John Boneham (notes)
The Dawson Turner Collection of Printed Ephemera and Great Yarmouth
eBLJ, 2014, Article 13

Sandra Boselli (notes)
Tambimuttu: Re-Inventing the Art of Poetry Illustration
eBLJ, 2016, Article 10

Federico Botana (notes)
The Making of L’Abreujamen de las estorias (Egerton MS. 1500)
eBLJ, 2013, Article 16

Lynne Brindley
'A Foreword'

Mirjam Brusius (notes)
Beyond Photography: An Introduction to William Henry Fox Talbot's Notebooks in the Talbot Collection at the British Library
eBLJ, 2010, Article 14

Donald Burrows (notes)
The Royal Music Library and its Handel Collection
eBLJ, 2009, Article 2

Bernard Capp (notes)
The Potter Almanacs
eBLJ, 2004, Article 4

John Casson (notes)
The Annotated Amleth: Belleforest in the British Library
eBLJ, 2016, Article 7

Richard Charteris (notes)
A Late Renaissance Music Manuscript Unmasked
eBLJ, 2006, Article 3

A Collection of Georg Rhau’s Music Editions and Some Previously Unnoticed Works
eBLJ, 2017, Article 1

Ian Christie-Miller (notes)
Henry VIII and British Library, Royal MS. 2 A. XVI: Marginalia in King Henry’s Psalter
eBLJ, 2015, Article 8

Psalterium in quatuor linguis: Hebraea, Graeca, Chaldaea [i.e. Ethiopic], Latina (Cologne, 1518). Baltic Trade and Cultural Connections: Evidence from the Paper
eBLJ, 2016, Article 3

Laura Cleaver (notes)
Past, Present and Future for Thirteenth-Century Wales: Two Diagrams in British Library, Cotton Roll XIV.12
eBLJ, 2013, Article 13

Judith Collard (notes)
Effigies ad Regem Angliae and the Representation of Kingship in Thirteenth-Century English Royal Culture
eBLJ, 2007, Article 9

Alexander Collins (notes)
Sir Robert Knolles and the Patronage of the Carmelite Missal (Add. MSS.29704-5, 44892): Assessing the Visual Evidence
eBLJ, 2018, Article 3

Emily Corran (notes)
Understanding a Selection of Medical, Theological and Poetic Diagrams in a Thirteenth-Century Book of Biblical Commentaries: British Library, Harley MS. 658
eBLJ, 2013, Article 14

Júlio Costa (notes)
Sloane's Portuguese Books
eBLJ, 2015, Article 10

John N. Crossley (notes)
Guy of Saint-Denis and the Compilation of Texts about Music
in London, British Library, Harl. MS. 281
eBLJ, 2008 Article 6

Morna Daniels (notes)
The Tale of Charles Perrault and Puss in Boots
eBLJ, 2002, Article 5

Little Red Riding-Hood
eBLJ, 2006, Article 5

Paris National and International Exhibitions from 1798 to 1900: A Finding-List of British Library Holdings
eBLJ, 2013, Article 6

Ilya Dines (notes)
The Bestiary in British Library, Royal MS. 2 C. XII and its Role in Medieval Education
eBLJ, 2014, Article 9

Sonja Drimmer (notes)
A Medieval Psalter ‘Perfected’: Eighteenth-Century Conservationism and an Early (Female) Restorer of Rare Books and Manuscripts
eBLJ, 2013, Article 3

Brett Dolman (notes)
'Everything Curious' Samuel Hieronymus Grimm and Sir Richard Kaye
eBLJ, 2002, Article 5

Erin K. Donovan (notes)
A Royal Crusade History: The Livre d'Eracles and Edward IV's Exile in Burgundy
eBLJ, 2014, Article 6

Christina Duffy (notes)
The Discovery of a Watermark on the St Cuthbert Gospel using Colour Space Analysis
eBLJ, 2014, Article 2

Carlo Dumontet (notes)
An Unusual Position of Watermarks in an Italian Eighteenth-Century Paper
eBLJ, 2013, Article 7

Robin Eagles (notes)
'I Who Speak Always Unpremeditately': The Earl of Mulgrave's Speeches Against Corruption and in Defence of His Honour, 1692 and 1695
eBLJ, 2016, Article 6

Adrian S. Edwards (notes)
Early Eastern Algonquian Language Books in the British Library
eBLJ, 2005, Article 9

Early Northern Iroquoian Language Books in the British Library
eBLJ, 2008, Article 2

Destroyed, Damaged and Replaced: The Legacy of World War II Bomb Damage in the King’s Library
eBLJ, 2013, Article 8

The Charles G. Leland Collection of Romani Books and Manuscripts
eBLJ, 2016, Article 9

Lucy Evans (notes)
The Problem of Death: Dr Maurice Ernest and his Longevity Library
eBLJ, 2013, Article 11

Klaus-Dietrich Fischer (notes)
A Mirror for Deaf Ears? A Medieval Mystery
eBLJ, 2008, Article 9

Ann-Marie Foster (notes)
'I am sending herewith' – First World War Ephemera at the British Library
eBLJ, 2017, Article 3

Celina Fox (notes)
The Ingenious Mr Dummer: Rationalizing the Royal Navy in Late Seventeenth-Century England
eBLJ, 2007, Article 10

Joanna Frońska (notes)
The Royal Image and Diplomacy: Henry VII’s Book of Astrology (British Library, Arundel MS. 66)
eBLJ, 2014, Article 7

Humphrey Gawthrop (notes)
George Ellis of Ellis Caymanas: A Caribbean Link to Scott and the Bronte Sisters
eBLJ, 2005, Article 3

Mark Ryan Geldof (notes)
Forewarned and Forearmed: Contents of BL, Cotton MS. Titus A. XXV, ff. 94-105
eBLJ, 2014, Article 3

James Gregory (notes)
Parody Playbills: The Politics of the Playbill in Britain in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
eBLJ, 2018, Article 6

Clemens Gresser (notes)
Cornelius Cardew’s Music for Moving Images: Some Preliminary Observations
eBLJ, 2013, Article 4

Milan Grba
A History of the British Library Slavonic and East European Collections: 1952-2004
eBLJ, 2014, Article 11

Tom Harper (notes)
Fortunate Survivors: Maps and Map Fragments in the Bagford Collection,
eBLJ, 2010, Article 1

Frances Harris (notes)
The Harleys as Collectors
eBLJ, 2011, Article 1

P. R. Harris (notes)
The Reading Room in Literature
eBLJ, 2019, Article 5

Julian Harrison (notes)
'The English reception of Hugh of Saint-Victor's Chronicle',
eBLJ, 2002, Article 1

Jaap Harskamp (notes)
Underground London: From Cave Culture Follies to the Avant-Garde
eBLJ, 2009, Article 7

A. D. Harvey (notes)
'Confiscated Nazi Books in the British Library',
eBLJ, 2003, Article 4

A. D. Harvey (notes) with A. V. Beedell (notes)
'George Chowdharay-Best: a bibliography',
eBLJ, 2002, Article 3

Dorian Hayes (notes)
'A Poet Given to Compulsive Self-Revision': Reflections on Walt Whitman, Hypertext, and the 1855 Edition of Leaves of Grass
eBLJ, 2006, Article 7

D. W. Hayton (notes)
Accounts of Debates in the House of Commons, March–April 1731, Supplementary to the Diary of the First Earl of Egmont
eBLJ, 2013, Article 2

Anne D. Hedeman (notes)
Advising France through the Example of England: Visual Narrative in the Livre de la prinse et mort du roy Richart (Harl. MS. 1319)
eBLJ, 2011, Article 7

Constructing Saint Louis in John the Good's Grandes Chroniques de France (Royal MS. 16 G. VI)
eBLJ, 2014, Article 10

Bob Henderson (notes)
'William Plate, an Unknown Acquaintance of Karl Marx at the British Museum: A Biographical Sketch'
eBLJ, 2005, Article 8

Felicity Henderson (notes)
The Library Lists of Francis Lodwick FRS (1619-1694): An Introduction to Sloane MSS. 855 and 859, and a Searchable Transcript
eBLJ, 2009, Article 1

Frances Henderson (notes)
‘Swifte and Secrete Writing' in Seventeenth-Century England, and Samuel Shelton's Brachygraphy
eBLJ, 2008, Article 5

Cecily Hennessy (notes)
The Theodore Psalter and the Rebuilding of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
eBLJ, 2017, Article 4

Jonathan E. Hill (notes)
In a Bind: Pratt's Qui Tams and the Bookbinders' Dilemma
eBLJ, 2014, Article 17

Paul Holden (notes)
'One of the Most Remarkable Things in London': A Visit to the Lord Treasurer's Library in 1713 by Samuel Molyneux
eBLJ, 2010, Article 10

Alexander Ibarz (notes)
The Provenance of the Abreujamens de las estorias (London, British Library, Egerton MS. 1500) and the Identification of Scribal Hands (c. 1323)
eBLJ, 2013, Article 17

Cristian N. Ispir (notes)
A New Witness to Henry of Avranches's Vita Sancti Oswaldi in London, British Library, Cotton MS. Faustina B. VII
eBLJ, 2019, Article 2

Deirdre Jackson (notes)
Humfrey Wanley and the Harley Collection
eBLJ, 2011, Article 2

H. J. Jackson (notes)
'England's Populist Pindars'
eBLJ, 2002, Article 4

Catherine Jeffreys (notes)
Guy of Saint-Denis and the Compilation of Texts about Music
in London, British Library, Harl. MS. 281
eBLJ, 2008 Article 6

Jeremy Jenkins (notes)
The British Library, Europeana 1914-1918 and the Memorialization of the Great War
eBLJ, 2018 Article 1

Miles Johnson (notes) and A.D. Harvey (notes)
Political Verse in Late Georgian Britain: Poems Referring to William Pitt the Younger (1759-1806)
eBLJ, 2004, Article 5

Rachel Johnson (notes)
Reading Between the Lines: Sir George Smart’s Annotated Programmes for Manchester’s 1836 Musical Festival
eBLJ, 2018, Article 9

Clyve Jones (notes)
Henry Fox's Drafts of Lord Hardwicke's Speech in the Lords' Debate on the Bill on Clandestine Marriages, 6 June 1753: A Striving for Accuracy
eBLJ, 2005, Article 4

Harley and the Myth of the Golden Thread: Family Piety, Journalism and the History of the Assassination Attempt of 8 March 1711
eBLJ, 2010, Article 11

A Scottish Whig View of the Character of Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, in 1713
eBLJ, 2010, Article 12

The Duke of Newcastle's Letters on the Fall of Walpole in 1742
eBLJ, 2013, Article 1

The Opening of the Impeachment of Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, June to September 1715: The ‘Memorandum’ of William Wake, Bishop of Lincoln
eBLJ, 2015, Article 4

Peter Murray Jones (notes)
Witnesses to Medieval Medical Practice in the Harley Collection
eBLJ, 2008, Article 8

Eileen A. Joy (notes)
Thomas Smith, Humfrey Wanley, and the 'Little-Known Country' of the Cotton Library
eBLJ, 2005, Article 1

Peter Kidd (notes)
A Franciscan Bible Illuminated in the Style of William de Brailes
eBLJ, 2007, Article 8

Codicological Clues to the Patronage of Stowe MS. 39: A Fifteenth-Century Illustrated Nun's Book in Middle English
eBLJ, 2009, Article 5

Dorothy Kim (notes)
Matthew Paris, Visual Exegesis, and Apocalyptic Birds in Royal MS. 14 C. VII
eBLJ, 2014, Article 5

Edmund M. B. King (notes)
'Handsomely bound in cloth': UK Book Cover Designs 1840-1880
eBLJ, 2016, Article 2

Greg King (notes)
'A Programme for the Reign': Press, Propaganda and Public Opinion at Russia's Last Coronation
eBLJ, 2012, Article 9

Sally-Ann Kitts (notes)
Leandro Fernández de Moratín's La Mogigata: The Significance of the Holland Manuscript in the Light of Comments from Elizabeth, Lady Holland's Spanish Journal (BL, Add. MS. 51931)
eBLJ, 2006, Article 8

Ebba Koch (notes)
The Riverside Mansions and Tombs of Agra: New Evidence from a Panoramic Scroll Recently Acquired by The British Library
eBLJ, 2017, Article 9

Olivier de Laborderie (notes)
The First Manuals of English History: Two Late Thirteenth-Century Genealogical Rolls of the Kings of England in the Royal Collection
eBLJ, 2014, Article 4

Leanne Langley (notes)
A Place for Music: John Nash, Regent Street and the Philharmonic Society of London
eBLJ, 2013, Article 12

Lilith Lee (notes)
W. Somerset Maugham’s Letters to Lady Aberconway in the British Library
eBLJ, 2016, Article 8

Catherine Léglu (notes)
A Genealogy of the Kings of England in Papal Avignon: British Library, Egerton MS. 1500
eBLJ, 2013, Article 18

Ewa Letkiewicz (notes)
The Identification of a Print Study for a Woodcut in Hieronymus Köler's Album Amicorum in the British Library
eBLJ, 2009, Article 6

Sjoerd Levelt (notes)
The Manuscripts of Jan van Naaldwijk's Chronicles of Holland, Cotton MSS. Vitellius F. XV and Tiberius C. IV
eBLJ, 2012, Article 4

J. P. Losty (notes)
Raja Jivan Ram: A Professional Indian Portrait Painter of the Early Nineteenth Century
eBLJ, 2015, Article 3

The Riverside Mansions and Tombs of Agra: New Evidence from a Panoramic Scroll Recently Acquired by The British Library
eBLJ, 2017, Article 9

Andrea Lloyd (notes)
The Lady Eccles Oscar Wilde Collection
eBLJ, 2010, Article 3

Diana Luft (notes)
Lewis Morris and the Mabinogion
eBLJ, 2012, Article 3

Julian Luxford (notes)
Intelligent by Design: The Manuscripts of Walter of Whittlesey, Monk of Peterborough
eBLJ, 2015, Article 13

Tristan Major (notes)
Frechulf of Lisieux’s Historiarum libri XII, I.ii.17 in Royal MS. 13 A. xxii
eBLJ, 2014, Article 15

Leigh McKinnon (notes)
Guy of Saint-Denis and the Compilation of Texts about Music
in London, British Library, Harl. MS. 281
eBLJ, 2008 Article 6

Noel Malcolm (notes)
The Library of Henry Oldenburg
eBLJ, 2005, Article 7

P. J. M. Marks (notes)
A. W. Franks and Armorial Bookbindings: Including a List of British Armorial Bookbindings Contained within the Franks Collection
eBLJ, 2006 Article 2

John Jaffray: Victorian Bookbinder, Chartist and Trade Unionist
eBLJ, 2014 Article 16

Taylor McCall
Disembodied: Additional MS. 8785 and the Tradition of Human Organ Depictions in Medieval Art and Medicine
eBLJ, 2018 Article 8

Constant J. Mews
Guy of Saint-Denis and the Compilation of Texts about Music in London, British Library, Harl. MS. 281
eBLJ, 2008 Article 6

Minoru Mihara (notes)
A Fragmentary Draft as the Groundwork for Bloodthirsty 'Sir Cauline' in Thomas Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: British Library, Add. MS. 39547, f. 157v
eBLJ, 2018 Article 5

Femke Molekamp (notes)
Using a Collection to Discover Reading Practices: The British Library Geneva Bibles and a History of their Early Modern Readers
eBLJ, 2006 Article 10

David Morphet (notes)
John Wilson Croker's Image of France in the Quarterly Review
BLJ, 2012 Article 1

Bridget Moynihan (notes)
Navigating Brave New Worlds: A Close Analysis of Anne McLaren's Laboratory Notebook
eBLJ, 2019 Article 9

Margaret Mulvihill (notes)
Mad Dogs and Scotsmen: A Plain Tale from the Military Collections of the India Office Records Section of the British Library
eBLJ, 2006 Article 6

'Peculiar Circumstances': Catholic chaplains of the Victorian British Army in India
eBLJ, 2008 Article 3

John Munns (notes)
Henry of Blois's Gift Lists in Add. MS. 29436: Why the Discrepancies?
eBLJ, 2019 Article 10

Catriona Murray (notes)
The Pacific King and the Militant Prince? Representation and Collaboration in the Letters Patent of James I, creating his son, Henry, Prince of Wales
eBLJ, 2012 Article 8

Felicity Myrone (notes)
J. M. W. Turner and his World: John Platt (1842-1902), a Late Victorian
Extra-illustrator, and his Collection
eBLJ, 2009 Article 8

Émilie Nadal (notes)
Provenance Confirmed for the Dismembered Breviary of the Cathedral of Agen (1297-1313): Add. MS. 42132
eBLJ, 2018 Article 10

Nerida Newbigin (notes)
Feo Belcari’s Rappresentazione di Abramo Offset in Phalaris’s Epistolae: Adventures of a Florentine Incunabulum
eBLJ, 2014 Article 15

Laura Nuvoloni (notes)
The Harleian Medical Manuscripts
eBLJ, 2008 Article 7

John O'Brien (notes)
Sir Thomas Jewell Bennett (1852-1925)
eBLJ, 2007 Article 7

David Paisey (notes)
Who was Mozart's Laura? Abendempfindung and the Editors
eBLJ, 2006 Article 9

Black English in Britain in the Eighteenth Century
eBLJ, 2015 Article 12

Avril Pedley (notes)
John Grose (1744-1771): Correspondence relating to his Career in Bengal, 1763-1771
eBLJ, 2010, Article 8

Maud Pérez-Simon (notes)
Beyond the Template: Aesthetics and Meaning in the Images of the Roman d'Alexandre en prose in Harley MS. 4979
eBLJ, 2011, Article 3

Royal MS. 20 B. XX: Alexander
the Great and the Voice of the Master. Interpretation and Astrology in a Medieval Manuscript
eBLJ, 2014, Article 8

Timothy Peters (notes)
The Shorthand of Robert Willis, Physician-in-Extraordinary to King George III
eBLJ, 2018, Article 2

Andrew Phillips (notes)
Philip Harris: Accomplished Librarian and Acclaimed Historian of the British Museum Library
eBLJ, 2019, Article 6

Catherine Pickett (notes)
Newly Catalogued Pamphlets from the India Office Library Collection
eBLJ, 2019, Article 7

Helen Piel (notes)
'The Most Bogus Ideas': Science, Religion and Creationism in the John Maynard Smith Archive
eBLJ, 2012, Article 12

Sarah Pittaway (notes)
'In this signe thou shalt ouercome hem alle': Visual Rhetoric and Yorkist Propaganda in Lydgate's Fall of Princes (Harl. MS. 1766)
eBLJ, 2011, Article 4

Benjamin Pohl (notes)
Books Fit for a King: The Presentation Copies of Martin Bucer's De regno Christi (London, British Library, Royal MS. 8 B. VII) and Johannes Sturm's De periodis (Cambridge, Trinity College, II.12.21 and London, British Library, C.24.e.5)
eBLJ, 2015, Article 7

The Date and Context of Robert of Torigni’s Chronica in London, British Library, Cotton MS. Domitian A. VIII, ff. 71r-94v
eBLJ, 2016, Article 1

Eight Twelfth-Century Charters from the Norman Abbey of Saint-Étienne de Caen, c.1120–1204 (London, British Library, Add. Chs. 67574–67581) – A Catalogue and Commentary
eBLJ, 2017, Article 2

Graham Pont (notes)
A Wesleyan Musical Legacy
eBLJ, 2008 Article 4

William Poole (notes)
A Fragment of the Library of Theodore Haak (1605-1690)
eBLJ, 2007, Article 6

The Evolution of George Hakewill's Apologie or Declaration of the Power and Providence of
God, 1627-1637: Academic Contexts, and Some New Angles from Manuscripts
eBLJ, 2010, Article 7

The Library Lists of Francis Lodwick FRS (1619-1694): An Introduction to Sloane MSS. 855 and 859, and a Searchable Transcript
eBLJ, 2009, Article 1

The Letters of Shen Fuzong to Thomas Hyde, 1687-88
eBLJ, 2015, Article 9

Ben Pope (notes)
A Fourteenth-Century Register of Freizins Rents from Erfurt (British Library, Add. MS. 24637)
eBLJ, 2013, Article 5

Pamela Porter (notes)
A Fresh Look at Harley MS. 1413: 'A Book … fairly written in the German or Switz language'
eBLJ, 2009, Article 10

Barbara Raw (notes)
A New Parallel to the Prayer 'De tenebris' in the Book of Nunnaminster (British Library, Harl. MS.2965, f.28rv)
eBLJ, 2004, Article 1

Susan Reed (notes)
A Collection of German Occasional Verse, 1701-1743, Mostly from East Frisia
eBLJ, 2005, Article 2

Dennis E. Rhodes (notes)
Some Italian Eighteenth-Century Books Acquired by British Travellers in Italy
eBLJ, 2015, Article 2

The Incunabula of Sir Charles Frederick
eBLJ, 2017, Article 5

Dunstan Roberts (notes)
Additions to the Library of William Dowsing (1596-1668): A Reformation Tract Volume Reassembled
eBLJ, 2013, Article 10

Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia (notes)
'The Most Important Books which I Would Strongly Recommend to Acquire': Petr Kropotkin and Vladimir Burtsev in Correspondence with the British Museum Library
eBLJ, 2013, Article 9

Denis V. Reidy (notes)
Panizzi, Gladstone, Garibaldi and the Neapolitan Prisoners
eBLJ, 2005, Article 6

Lord Nelson, HMS Victory and Sardinia - A Forgotten Episode?
eBLJ, 2007, Article 2

Kathryn M. Rudy (notes)
Kissing Images, Unfurling Rolls, Measuring Wounds, Sewing Badges and Carrying Talismans: Considering Some Harley Manuscripts through the Physical Rituals they Reveal
eBLJ, 2011, Article 5

Lucy Freeman Sandler (notes)
Embedded Marginalia in the Psalter and Hours of Humphrey de Bohun (British Library, Egerton MS. 3277)
eBLJ, 2015, Article 14

Christopher Scobie (notes)
A Donizetti Manuscript in the Zweig Collection
eBLJ, 2014, Article 12

Arthur Searle (notes)
The First British Performances of Beethoven's ‘Choral' Symphony: The Philharmonic Society and Sir George Smart
eBLJ, 2010, Article 4

David J. Shaw (notes)
An Unidentified French Incunable: Sir John Mandeville, Le lapidaire en francoys, [Lyon, c. 1495–1496]
eBLJ, 2012, Article 6

Matthew J. Shaw (notes)
'Emigration, Abolition and the Atlantic World in the Revolutionary Era',
eBLJ, 2003, Article 3

Michael St John-McAlister (notes)
The Keyes Papers at the British Library
eBLJ, 2007, Article 5

Edward Angelo Goodall (1819-1908): An Artist's Travels in British Guiana and the Crimea
eBLJ, 2010, Article 5

Michael Renshaw: A Society Figure in War and Peace
eBLJ, 2015, Article 6

Kathryn A. Smith (notes)
St Edward’s Chair in the Queen Mary Psalter
eBLJ, 2017, Article 10

Keith V. Smith (notes)
Tupaia's Sketchbook
eBLJ, 2005, Article 10

Confronting Cook
eBLJ, 2009, Article 4

1793: A Song of the Natives of New South Wales
eBLJ, 2011, Article 14

Maddy Smith (notes)
From West Country Farmers to W. H. Ireland, the Shakespeare Forger: The Previous Owners of Thomas Tusser's Five Hundreth Pointes of Good Husbandrie
eBLJ, 2019, Article 3

John Spence (notes)
eBLJ, 2010, Article 6

Marvin Spevack (notes)
The Golden Treasury: 150 Years On
eBLJ, 2012, Article 2

Ilse Sternberg (notes)
'The British Museum Library and the development of the international exchange of official documents',
eBLJ, 2002, Article 2

Whose Acquisitions Policy? Panizzi and his Predecessors
BLJ, 2015, Article 1

Mika Takiguchi (notes)
Some Greek Gospel Manuscripts in the British Library: Examples of the Byzantine Book as Holy Receptacle and Bearer of Hidden Meaning
eBLJ, 2011, Article 13

Barry Taylor (notes)
'Recent Acquisitions: a Rare Work by Jacobus Tevius',
eBLJ, 2003, Article 5

Edward Taylor (notes)
The 'Continuation' of the Thomason Tracts? The British Museum's 'Political Tracts' Series of Pamphlets Relating to English Political History, 1542–1807
eBLJ, 2018, Article 4

Simone Testa (notes)
From the 'Bibliographical Nightmare' to a Critical Bibliography. Tesori politici in the British Library, and Elsewhere in Britain
eBLJ, 2008, Article 1

Leah Tether (notes)
Books Fit for a King: The Presentation Copies of Martin Bucer's De regno Christi (London, British Library, Royal MS. 8 B. VII) and Johannes Sturm's De periodis (Cambridge, Trinity College, II.12.21 and London, British Library, C.24.e.5)
eBLJ, 2015, Article 7

David Thorley (notes)
Daniel Foote, M.D., of Cambridge: The Evidence in Print and from the Sloane Collection
eBLJ, 2013, Article 15

Samuel Doody and his Books
eBLJ, 2018, Article 7

Colin G. C. Tite (notes)
The Printed Books of the Cotton Family and Their Dispersal: Additions
eBLJ, 2011, Article 15

Manuscripts Supplied to Robert Harley by John Bagford: Further Information from BL, Harl. MS. 5998
eBLJ, 2012, Article 10

Timothy Underhill (notes)
The Shorthand of Robert Willis, Physician-in-Extraordinary to King George III
eBLJ, 2018, Article 2

Chet Van Duzer (notes)
Nautical Charts, Texts, and Transmission: The Case of Conte di Ottomano Freducci and Fra Mauro
eBLJ, 2017, Article 6

Linda Ehrsam Voigts (notes)
Wolfenbüttel HAB Cod. Guelf. 51. 9. Aug. 4º and BL, Harley MS. 3542: Complementary Witnesses to Ralph Hoby's 1437 Treatise on Astronomical Medicine
eBLJ, 2008 Article 10

Jörg Völlnagel (notes)
Harley MS. 3469: Splendor Solis or Splendour of the Sun – A German Alchemical Manuscript
eBLJ, 2011 Article 8

Alison Tara Walker (notes)
The Westminster Tournament Challenge (Harley 83 H 1) and Thomas Wriothesley's Workshop
eBLJ, 2011 Article 9

Colin White (notes)
'Most Secret and Confidential': The Pressed Copy Nelson Letters at the British Library,
eBLJ, 2007, Article 1

Carol Williams (notes)
Guy of Saint-Denis and the Compilation of Texts about Music
in London, British Library, Harl. MS. 281
eBLJ, 2008 Article 6

Ian Willison (notes)
The National Printed Archive from Panizzi's Time to the Digital Era
eBLJ, 2012 Article 5

H.R. Woudhuysen (notes)
Writing- Tables and Table-Books
eBLJ, 2004, Article 3

C.J. Wright (notes)
Sir Frederic Madden and the Battle of the Brass Rubbings
eBLJ, 2003, Article 1

Hugh James Rose, James Murray and The Foreign Quarterly Review
eBLJ, 2007, Article 3

Stephen Wright (notes)
Sarah Jones and the Jacob-Jessey Church: The Relation of a Gentlewoman
BLJ, 2004, Article 2

Catherine Yvard (notes)
The Metamorphoses of a Late Fifteenth-Century Psalter (Harl. MS. 1892)
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Sylwia Sobczak Zupanec (notes)
An Overlooked Connection of Anne Boleyn’s Maid of Honour, Elizabeth Holland, with BL, King’s MS. 9
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