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Information for contributors
House style
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Information for Contributors

Contributions are welcomed from scholars outside the Library, though contributors should note the eBLJ does not publish articles on information science or book reviews. New articles are added to the eBLJ at intervals throughout the year. All articles are peer-refereed. There is no restriction in principle on length. Shorter contributions, for example dedicated to a single item or collection, are particularly welcome.

See eBLJ: an open access journal.

House Style

Contributors are requested to read the following notes and to conform with the guidelines laid down. Articles which do not do so will be returned to the author for revision and retyping. The Editor reserves the right to make any alteration to either text or notes which he may deem necessary.


Articles should be submitted in two copies, one anonymized, as an e-mail attachment to, and a paper copy sent to the editor at the address below.


  1. Follow O.E.D. spelling rules (including the use of the '-ize' ending).
  2. Single quotation marks should be used. Double quotation marks occur only within single quotation marks.
  3. 'Mr' and 'St' are not followed by full stops.
  4. The form ' 's' is used even where a name ends in 's' (e.g. James's, not James' ).
  5. Numbers should be spelt out if one hundred or less; otherwise they are written in Arabic numerals. Ordinal numbers are spelt out in full.
  6. Dates should be given as follows: 28 May 1380.
  7. Please use nonbreaking spaces in the names of Saints and Sovereigns and in folio and page references.


  1. 'Ibid.' and 'Op. cit.' are not italicized.
  2. Authors' names should generally be cited in the form in which they appear on the title page.
  3. Editors' names, followed by '(ed<s>.)', should precede the title, except in editions of texts, where they follow the title in the form ', ed...'.
  4. In English titles, the first letter of the first word and of all subsequent words, except articles, possessive adjectives, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions should be capitalized. In French titles, only the initial letter of the first word is capitalized, except where this word is an article, in which case the first substantive and any preceding adjective are also capitalized.
  5. Place and date of publication should be given in brackets after the title. Publishers are omitted unless significant.
  6. For journals 'vol.' is omitted. Volume numbers are in lower case roman.
  7. Page references should be numbered as follows: pp. 5-16, 71-3, 123-7, but note pp. 17-19.
  8. Manuscript references should cite Place of Repository (first reference only), Name of Repository, Title of Collection, etc., except in the case of British Library Manuscripts which should usually be cited as follows: Add. MS.; Cotton MS. Nero A. III.; Eg. MS.; Harl. MS.; Royal MS.; Sloane MS., etc. 'BL,' may be inserted before such references where they might otherwise be ambiguous.


  1. Winston S. Churchill, Marlborough: His Life and Times (London, 1933), vol. i, p. 27.
  2. A. D. Deyermond (ed.), Mio Cid Studies (London, 1977).
  3. W. H. Auden, Collected Poems, ed. Edward Mendelson (London, 1976).
  4. J. C. H. Aveling, 'The Eighteenth-Century English Benedictines', in Eamon Duffy (ed.), Challoner and His Church (London, 1977), pp. 152-73.
  5. L. H. Horstein, 'Some Chaucer Allusions by Sir Edward Coke', Modern Language Notes, lx (1945), pp. 483-6.
  6. Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Rawlinson letters 9, f. 118.

Citing the eBLJ

Citations should follow the form: I. Sternberg, 'The British Museum Library and the development of the international exchange of official documents', Electronic British Library Journal [or in abbreviated form eBLJ] (2002), art. 2, pp. 1-20, and should also give the corresponding URL

Contact Addresses

Dr Barry Taylor, Editor
The Electronic British Library Journal
European Studies
The British Library
96 Euston Road
London NW1 2DB


Editorial Staff

The Editor is Dr Barry Taylor, Curator in European Collections, the British Library. The Journal is produced by the staff of BL Digital Marketing Operations.