About the Eccles Centre – The British Library

Delegates at the Caribbean In/Securities conference, June 2017

The Eccles Centre promotes the British Library's North American collections and supports the study of North America in schools and universities.

The Centre was founded by David and Mary Eccles in 1991 and is based at the British Library which houses one of the world’s foremost collections of North American books, manuscripts, journals, newspapers, and sound recordings. The Centre works closely with the Library’s curatorial teams to promote awareness of the United States, Canadian and Caribbean collections. The Eccles British Library Writer’s Award and the Centre’s Fellowship programme offer financial support for researchers.

The Centre also collaborates closely with members of the American, Canadian and Caribbean Studies communities in the UK, and with other partners interested in the advancement of knowledge about North America. It hosts around fifty events a year, and its lively and diverse programme includes lectures, discussion panels, conferences, concerts and seminars aimed at academics, university students, school pupils and the general public.

Image: Delegates at the Caribbean In/Securities conference art and research exhibition, June 2017, photo by Harlem Edwin.

Meet the Eccles Centre team

Phil Hatfield

Head of the Eccles Centre for American Studies

Dr Cara Rodway

Deputy Head, Eccles Centre for American Studies

Dr Philip Abraham

Assistant, Eccles Centre

Jean Petrovic

Bibliographical Editor, Eccles Centre for American Studies