The Eccles Centre runs a lively and diverse programme of events designed to showcase the British Library's North American collections and to increase knowledge of, and discussion about, the region for a range of audiences.

Talks and Discussions

Follow-ed: Exploring Appropriation as a Creative Practice

Tom Sowden examines artists who appropriated Ed Ruscha’s books

Study Day

Doctoral Students Open Day 2019 – The Americas Collections

Practical and inspiring open days for first year PhD students


Theodore Roosevelt Island: A Most Unusual American Memorial

Discover the surprising history of America’s largest presidential memorial


Alison MacLeod: All The Beloved Ghosts

Alison MacLeod discusses her playful and evocative short stories

Talks and Discussions

American Film Musicals and the Reimagining of WWI

Explore how Hollywood musicals of the 1940s linked America’s entertainment heritage with its victory in the war


American Politics Colloquium

Join us for a day of talk and debate about contemporary US politics

Talks and Discussions

Artists Books Now: America Latina

Delve into and explore the rich tradition of Artists' Books originating from Latin America

Talks and Discussions

Benjamin Franklin: From British Royalist to American Revolutionary

George Goodwin delivers the 2017 Benjamin Franklin House Annual Symposium

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