The Eccles Centre runs a lively and diverse programme of events designed to showcase the British Library's North American collections and to increase knowledge of, and discussion about, the region for a range of audiences.

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From Black Lives Matter to the White Power Presidency: Race and Class in the Trump Era

Join us for an exploration of the Black Lives Matter movement in contemporary America

Talks and Discussions

Black Lives Matter in the US and UK Today: An Activist Panel

Challenging State Violence Through Activism, Solidarity and Coalitions


Summer Scholars: Transatlantic Christmas Traditions

Explore the origins of Christmas


Summer Scholars: Race and Storytelling, and American Sheet Music

An Eccles British Library Writer’s Award winner and an Eccles librarian explore memoir, race and storytelling and 19th and 20th century American sheet music


Summer Scholars: Navajo Photos and the Haida People

Two scholars explore Laura Gilpin’s Navajo photos and the Haida people


Summer Scholars: Reading and the Art of Vanishing

The Eccles British Library Writer’s Award winner explores the art of disappearing

Talks and Discussions

Olivia Laing: Writing Everything Down

It’s the summer of 2017 and the whole world is falling apart


Summer Scholars: Cotton and Black Labour, and Lewis and Clark Reimagined

Two scholars explore cotton culture’s influence on a global imagination, and Lewis and Clark’s expedition through the eyes of a slave

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