Bibliographic guides

  • United States, Canadian and Caribbean Newspaper Holdings at the British Library

    Details of North American newspapers across print, microform & digital holdings

  • United States Government Documents

    The US federal government collections run from its creation in the 18th century to the present day. They are the most comprehensive outside of North America and were developed on the basis of a series of extensive intergovernmental exchange agreements. They have been supplemented by subscription to a wide range of full text online databases.

  • The American Civil Rights Movement

    This guide includes coverage of phases of the movement, civil rights organisations, participants in the movement, and the Federal Government, alongside a section organised by States.

  • The Harlem Renaissance

    A selective guide to materials concerning the Harlem Renaissance. The first part lists works by the poets, playwrights, novelists, musicians, actors, and others who created the Renaissance, as well as works written about them. The second part lists general works of use to students of the Renaissance.

  • African American history and life 1877-1954

    Covers education, politics, race relations, religion, women and work.

  • American Slavery: Pre-1866 Imprints

    A guide to contemporary sources of information about slavery in the United States including slave narratives, journals and tracts published by abolitionist societies, political speeches, religious sermons, newspaper articles and advertisements, travellers' reports and works of fiction.

  • United States Government Policies towards Native Americans, 1787-1990

    This guide explores topics related to interactions between the US government and Native Americans, from the creation of the Constitution to the late 20th century, covering periods of conflict, segregation, removal and assimilation, through to the rights campaigns of the 1960s and policies of self-determination.

  • American Women in the Twentieth Century

    A bibliographic guide providing an introduction to the lives of American women in the twentieth century, covering most aspects of women’s experience and culture, including education, work, family life, politics, ethnicity, and sexuality.

  • "For Myself, For My Children, For Money": A bibliography of early American women's writings

    A guide to writings by American women in the seventeenth, eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

  • Selective Biographies Of Early American Women Writers

    Select biographies of American women writers who published single volumes under their own name by 1850.

  • The American City in the Twentieth Century

    A select guide to monographs on the American city in the twentieth century, covering city government, crime and urban unrest, education, housing and African Americans; works on particular geographic regions and individual major American cities.

  • The Federal Writers' Project

    A guide to materials held at the British Library, including publications from the FWP's American Guides series as well as ethnic studies, urban and rural folklore collections and nature studies.

  • The United States and the 1930s

    This selective guide to material on America in the 1930s includes coverage of government and politics, economics, cultural and intellectual history and foreign relations as well as section organised by region.

  • The Anglo-American 'Special Relationship' during the Second World War

    This selective guide focuses on the high-level diplomatic and military relations between the US and the UK between 1939 and 1945, while excluding for the most part specific military campaigns. It also covers the wartime alliance with the Soviet Union and touches on relationships with other allies, most notably Australia, Canada and France.

  • The United States and the Vietnam War

    This guide offers an introduction to material on the US and the Vietnam War. It covers the reasons behind American intervention in Vietnam, the role of Congress, the Executive and the media, the response of the American public, particularly students, to the escalation of the war, and the war’s legacy upon American politics, culture and foreign policy. It also addresses the experiences of those individuals affected directly by the war: Vietnam veterans and the Indochinese refugees.

  • An Era of Change: UK-US-West European Relations at the End of the Cold War

    A guide to works concerning relationships between the UK, US and Western Europe at the end of the Cold War, covering politics, economics and strategic relations.

  • United States Immigration, 1941-2001

    A select guide to monographs on immigration to the United States between 1941 and 2001 in several sections. The first covers broad topics such as work, illegal immigration, education, and public opinion. The second is divided according to immigrant group. The third provide a geographic breakdown by state (although not all states are represented).

  • United States Immigration, 1840-1940

    A select guide to monographs on immigration to the United States between 1840 and 1940 in three sections. The first covers several broad topics such as assimilation, nativism, immigrant women, and the immigrant press. The second is divided according to immigrant group. The last two sections provide a geographic breakdown, both in terms of states and regions

  • US Politics and the Media

    A guide to monographs on the convergence of US politics and the media. Topics include political campaigns and elections, the media's political coverage, the media and the Presidency, and the relationship of the media and Congress, as well as public opinion, women, and political marketing and communication.

  • Mormon Americana

    This guide explores works concerning the Mormon church in America, including sacred texts, histories and cultural topics.

  • Imagining the West

    This guide explores fiction works about the American West and its place in the popular imagination.

  • Early American Science

    A selective guide to materials held at the British Library, including early works on natural phenomena, disease and inoculation, as well as climate, geography and the environment.

  • The American Colonies, 1584-1688

    A guide to works concerning the European colonization of the areas of North America that later became the United States of America, focusing on the fifteen states bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Topics include politics and government, economy, society, and cultural and intellectual life.

  • Conserving America

    A guide to printed material in the British Library relating to American environmental history and thought.