Managing theses

Find out how EThOS collects theses and what we're doing to make EThoOS data comprehensive.

EThOS aims to provide:

  • A national record of all doctoral theses awarded by all UK Higher Education institutions
  • Free access to the full text of as many theses as possible

Here we describe how UK theses (both records and full texts) are aggregated by EThOS and provide guidance for participating institutions. We describe how EThOS harvests, uses, displays and shares each metadata field such as 'Awarding Body', and what we are doing to try to make the EThOS data as comprehensive as possible.

UK theses are normally described using a core set of bibliographic metadata called the UKETD_DC application profile. This was developed to ensure UK theses are described in a clear and consistent way, allowing users to find the theses they seek and institutions to share the data between repositories.

EThOS data can be re-used by participating institutions. The full data set or subject-based subsets of metadata are also available for research or re-use by other non-commercial organisations, discovery and indexing services, and content mining or research projects.

Find out more about managing these

Managing the data in each field

Detailed information about the different elements of thesis metadata used by EThOS.

Digitising theses

Print theses are digitised on demand through EThOS, but we also undertake digitisation projects for almost any print material