EThOS, the E-Theses Online Service, is an almost-complete index of all doctoral level theses ever awarded by UK universities. You can uncover the latest cutting edge research inside the pages of UK PhD theses, immediately download over 300,000 theses or order many more through the unique EThOS digitisation on demand service.

See how we manage UK doctoral theses in partnership with UK universities. Read the guidance on creating and re-using thesis metadata, and find out what happens to your thesis when you complete your PhD.

Search EThOS now and explore over 500,000 UK PhD theses.

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About EThOS

EThOS gives you direct access to the best of the UK’s doctoral research

Your theses

Information for participating institutions and for thesis authors, including metadata

Digitising theses

Print theses are digitised on demand through EThOS, but we also undertake digitisation projects for almost any print material

Managing theses

Find out how EThOS collects theses records and full texts