African Abbots and Stories in the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

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The multicultural world of the earliest English speakers

Early England was a vibrant, multicultural society, hugely influenced by its connections to distant lands. Join Alison Hudson, Project Curator of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, as she delves into the stories of the people who travelled to the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and made them their home, and the cultures and ideas that influenced everything from religion, language and politics to long-distance trade.

Alison explores the stories of Theodore of Tarsus and Hadrian the North African, two of the most politically and intellectually influential people in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. The two churchmen from the Mediterranean arrived in Canterbury in the 7th century, helping to shape the Church and founding the first famous English school. From riddles to gemstones and from art to the alphabet, see how African, Asian and Eastern Mediterranean people, objects and books left their mark on early England.

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Name: African Abbots and Stories in the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms
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