Alexander the Great: Primary workshops

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When it comes to making myths, Alexander the Great’s story has it all.


He built an empire that stretched across the world. Rode across the sky on a flying chariot. And descended to the bottom of the sea in a glass bell. Or did he?


Piece together an epic tale 2,000 years in the telling. From astrological clay tablets, ancient papyri, and medieval manuscripts, to Hollywood and Bollywood movies and cutting-edge videogames, our major exhibition crosses continents to explore the fantastical stories that turned legacy into legend.

This interactive workshop take place in the Alexander the Great: The Making of a Myth exhibition and will engage learners with objects from across the globe. During the session, students will:

  • Analyse and interpret historical sources to support the study of Ancient Greece at Key Stage 2
  • Discover who Alexander the Great was, how he fits into Ancient Greek history and the influence he still has today
  • Explore some of the amazing stories told about him in a vast range of media
  • Consider what makes a good story and why so many are told about Alexander the Great
  • Come to their own conclusions about the man and the myth, and the stories they’d like to tell

14 November – 14 December and 9 January – 8 February inclusive 

Event times: Mondays (10.30-12.00), Tuesdays (10.30-12.00) and Wednesdays (13.00-14.30)


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Age group: Years 3-6
When: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Length: 90 minutes
Group size: Minimum group size: 10 students; maximum group size: 30 students
Key skills: History, English, Classical Civilisation
Price: Admission: Free entry
Where: Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
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