Alexander the Great: The Making of a Myth events

Face of Alexander the Great statue opened to reveal a pink elephant, a snake, a horse and a ship.

Dive deeper into the world of Alexander the Great with our full season of events.

Known to have built an empire that stretched across the world, Alexander’s exploration of unfamiliar lands, rulers and cultures, from European to Asian moulded his legacy into the myths and legends we know of today.

Join curators, writers and historians to delve further into these stories, as you decide for yourself who Alexander really was.

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Supported by Patricia G. and Jonathan S. England – British Library Innovation Fund

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Series events

Alexander the Great A Life in Legend tile
At the Library and online

Alexander the Great: A Life in Legend

Oliver Stone and Colin Farrell
At the Library

Alexander: The Final Cut with Oliver Stone in conversation

Comic of Alexander the Great
At the Library

Alexander the Great: A Day of Talks