Business Storytelling with Confidence

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Learn how to deliver personal and business stories in a highly engaging and vivid way

Businesses, managers and successful leaders know the powers of storytelling and use them to connect with their teams, customers, funders, partners and the media. Great leaders are great storytellers. Storytelling garners attention and communicates your ideas, information and message in an engaging and memorable way. Learn how to deliver personal and business stories in a highly engaging and vivid way, in this workshop led by Elaine Powell, CEO of SWC Training and Consultancy.


The workshop will teach you:

  • What is business storytelling
  • When to use stories in business
  • Different types of stories
  • How to deliver vivid and persuasive stories
  • How to craft the 6 C’s of storytelling

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Create your own story tree-line
  • Draft an engaging personal or business story
  • Practice how to tell vivid and inspiring stories
  • Increase your confidence and learn how to manage fear and nerves
  • Receive professional feedback

Elaine Powell is a professional speaker, public speaking coach, storyteller and has trained 15,000 people and run over 500 workshops. SWC Training and Consultancy, equips startups, businesses and entrepreneurs with the confidence and skills necessary to become masterful in presentation skills, business pitching, storytelling and effective communication. 


Name: Business Storytelling with Confidence
Where: BIPC
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When: -
Enquiries: +44 (0)1937 546546
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