Members’ week - Coffee Cupping with Origin

Coffee cups and spoons.

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Uncover the secret to a great cup of coffee and get to know your favourite flavours at this cupping, or tasting, with Origin Coffee.

Cupping is the name attributed to coffee tasting within the industry. It consists of sampling various different coffees side by side, to compare their unique characteristics and flavour.

From its roastery in Helston, Cornwall, Origin Coffee roasts and sells exceptional coffee with an emphasis on sustainability and direct trade relationships with farmers from around the globe. Founded in Cornwall in 2004, they have their own coffee shops in the South West and London and are favoured by some of the UK’s top local and national speciality coffee outlets. Source. Roast. Educate. Brew.  

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Name: Members’ week - Coffee Cupping with Origin
Where: British Library St Pancras
When: -
Enquiries: +44 (0)1937 546546