Contemplating: Artists' Books Now

Chair illustration, by Caroline Penn.

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When picturing an artist’s book what do you imagine?

When picturing an artist’s book what do you imagine?  Intricate design, ornate bindings, blank space, fold outs and pop-up rinsed through with vibrancy of text and colour. Is it something more unearthly and harder to describe? An air of peace in the topsy-turvy hullabaloo of our modern world.  A pause of contemplation as a work speaks to you? Or, on the contrary, is it a space of immense energy, of ‘thought-provocation’, where contemplation is something you feel compelled to do to make sense of the sensations and ideas the book stimulates?

Join your host Rossella Black, Assistant Librarian, Tate Library Brixton, for the fifth Artists Books Now evening to explore this theme, discussing and sharing the work of book artist and designer George Cullen, the fine artist Tracey Bush, artist Anne Rook, and book artist Caroline Penn. Rossella will also be in discussion with art librarian and artist Maria White.

Part of our Buddhism exhibition events series. See more events and adult courses inspired by the exhibition.


Name: Contemplating: Artists' Books Now
Where: Knowledge Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
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