Fairy tales children's workshop with Michael Rosen and Viviane Schwarz, in partnership with Seven Stories

, 11:00 - 12:00 FREE
Framed photos of Michael Rosen and Viviane Schwarz against a lilac background, which includes illustrations of painting supplies
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Enchanted objects, mysterious settings, empowered children, grisly villains: what ingredients will you put in your fairy tale? In this free live-streamed ‘Authors into Schools’ event, Michael Rosen and Viviane Schwarz will concoct their own fairy tale recipes.

There will be delightful storytelling, improvised illustration and a live brainstorming session to help your students plan their very own tales.

Don’t forget to bring paper and pencils for all your young writers.

Submit your fairy tales to British Library Learning – on Twitter @BL_Learning or by email to childrens.books@bl.uk – for the chance to win £50 of book tokens for your school. To find out more about the campaign, see bl.uk/childrens-books/activities/cook-up-your-own-fairy-tale 

... and sign up for our free Fairy tales in the classroom online CPD!

4pm on 25 January.

Join Michael Rosen, Mara the Storyteller and Leeds-based teacher Lauren Wood for a free fairy tales twilight CPD session for primary teachers.
You will explore key motifs in traditional tales, delve into the history of fairy stories, engage in a practical creative writing session and discover ready-to-teach ideas for the classroom.  

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Age group: Primary
When: , 11:00 - 12:00

Admission: Free entry

Where: Online
Enquiries: childrens.books@bl.uk
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