Daily meditation for freelancers and founders

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Refresh. Relax. Refocus

You will receive daily guided video sessions for 40 days helping you:

  • With simple tools you can use in your day
  • Knowing how to bring instant calm
  • With practical tools to manage your stress and feel more peaceful

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What people have said about Anis’ meditation sessions

It helped calm my irritability with others, especially noisy neighbours!  Thank you for making the Covid-19 situation less awful.

Morning ‘meditations with you is a key feature of my lock-down daily routine and very much appreciated.

Feel calm and peaceful after this. Feel good and relaxed, calm.

Feeling happier and better prepared for each day.

Brilliant, calming and nourishing. Thank you!

Feel refreshed and more present. Thank you!

Stilled the monkey-mind!

I can actually feel the tightness in the chest start to dissipate. I’ve recommended the class to colleagues feeling stressed.

I used to be very stressed. Now I’m more relaxed in meetings and transfer my positive energy to them and changed their behaviour towards me.

Her mindfulness techniques are lifesavers that transform our mental readiness in meetings and presentations.

I feel more confident than I used to be, I finally cleared out the noise in my head.


Name: Daily meditation for freelancers and founders
Where: Online
When: - , 09:00 - 09:15
Price: £4.97 - £19.97
Enquiries: bipcworkshops@bl.uk
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