Fiction as Dialogue Interactive Fiction Summer School

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Fiction as Dialogue
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Develop your writing and interactive design skills at our Interactive Fiction Summer School, led by Dr. Florencia Minuzzi, veteran games writer and narrative designer, and a host of specialists in interactive storytelling.

All fiction can communicate its creator’s intent, but interactive fiction is a unique opportunity to foster two-way communication. By examining what we want to communicate with players, how they might react, and how to capture those experiences, we will create our own unique games during this five-day course. We will explore the teachings of traditional fiction, embrace the unique strengths of interactive media, and provide the technical support needed to explore the possibilities offered by Ink – a free, open-source scripting language used to create works of interactive fiction in a writer-friendly way that does not require programming knowledge.

We’ll bring you together with leading specialists in a range of fields, and our Digital and Emerging Media curators will introduce you to the Library’s Digital Storytelling exhibit, including award-winning examples of non-linear and interactive fiction to jump start your creative journey into interactive fiction.

This course includes contributions from a number of expert guest speakers, please see the full outline for more details.

Read the full course outline (PDF).


Dr Florencia Minuzzi is a writer, narrative designer and co-founder of Tea-Powered Games. Her work for Dialogue: A Writer's Story and Elemental Flow centres communication, conversation and how to make those mechanically interesting. As a freelancer, her work explores a range of subjects, from European folklore horror to queer sci-fi hacktivism and the daily lives of modern scientific researchers (the latter aided by her PhD in mycology).


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When: - , 10.30 - 17.00
Price: From £425 – £495
Concessions available
Where: Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
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