Francis Pryor: Paths to the Past

Francis Pryor
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Discover the hidden corners and forgotten crevices of England's landscapes in this illustrated talk

Archaeologist, historian and Time Team expert Francis Pryor explores and landscapes reflect and shape our behaviour. Bringing to bear a lifetime's digging, Pryor delves into England's hidden urban and rural landscapes and unearths their stories, from Whitby Abbey and the navvy camp at Risehill in Cumbria, to Tintagel and Tottenham's Broadwater Farm.

Scattered through fields, woods, moors, roads, tracks and towns, Pryor reveals the stories of our physical surroundings and what they meant to the people who formed them, used them and lived in them. 

Drawing on research from his latest book, Paths To The Past, Pryor argues that these landscapes are our common physical inheritance. If we can understand how to make them yield up their secrets, it will help us, their guardians, to maintain and shape them for future generations.

Former president of the Council for British Archaeology, Dr Francis Pryor has spent over thirty years studying our prehistory. He has excavated sites as diverse as Bronze Age farms, field systems and entire Iron Age villages. He appears frequently on TV's Time Team and is the author of The Making of the British Landscape, Seahenge, as well as Britain BC and Britain AD, both of which he adapted and presented as Channel 4 series.

Image: Francis Pryor © Mark Pindar


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