Gold! Probably the Most Useless Metal Money Can Buy

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What is it with this yellow metal? Many of us covet it, wearing it close to our skin, and using it to add lustre to our lives. Consumer electronics have almost converged with jewellery in look and feel. Yet gold is both profoundly normal as a metal and profoundly useless.

How does the eternal fascination with gold fit with the properties of the metal? Is it really so rare and hard to find? Why is it so soft that you can dent it with your teeth? Why is it yellow and what has this got to do with relativity? Where does it come from and could the alchemists really make it from ‘baser’ metals? What has gold revealed about the inner workings of the atom? Is it really ‘noble’ or are there cunning ways to dissolve it?

We will reveal the inner workings of this curious metal and look at some of the amazing objects that have been made from it.

This event accompanies our summer exhibition Gold: 50 Spectacular Manuscripts from around the World (20 May – 2 October).

Andrea Sella is chemist, broadcaster, science communicator and Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at University College London.

Image: Malayalam Treaty, 1691. MS Malayalam 12

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Name: Gold! Probably the Most Useless Metal Money Can Buy
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