Graphic novels dramatised

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Embrace creative storytelling techniques in this interactive drama workshop for KS2.

Explore the story and issues behind Sarah Garland’s graphic novel, Azzi in Between, in this interactive drama workshop. The session begins by observing and discussing manuscript pages from Garland’s early drafts, exploring the outline of the story and the process of drawing and writing a sequential art-based narrative. Following some physical and image-based warm-up games, the pupils work in small groups to create images/tableaux representing different parts of the story. At the end of the workshop each group presents their image in turn so that the whole class performs the story together.

Where: this workshop will take place at your school. It is available to Leeds schools with LS postcodes only
Available from: 18 September 2023
Morning or afternoon sessions available

Image credit: illustration by Allen Fatimaharan


Age group: Key Stage 2
When: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
Length: 2 hours
Group size:

 Single class

Key skills:

Understand and experience creative writing and theatre making as iterative processes

Appreciate the graphic novel as a legitimate literary form, and to understand and experience the relationship between images and text in graphic novels and in theatre

Engage in a creative and compassionate way with issues around forced migration and asylum processes

Price: Admission: Free entry
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