Between the Lines

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Between the Lines
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Between the Lines is a workshop aimed at adult groups with learning disabilities. It has been developed in partnership with Haringey Day Opportunities Service.

The session takes place in and around the public spaces, galleries and the Learning Centre. Participants are introduced to the range of collections on display with particular focus on maps, sound recordings and printed books.

Each workshop is made up of a series of creative, tactile activities based around the themes of books and language, sound and movement and shapes and space. Sessions are open-ended with participants having choice over the activities. A box is presented at the beginning of each session which includes a range of objects with each object signposting a different activity. Participants choose an object that leads to a particular part of the Library and a related activity.

The workshop aims to provide a new experience for participants with learning disabilities and raise the confidence of both participants and support staff in engaging with historical collections.

This workshop can either be booked as a one-off, or as a series of three to four sessions, each visit building on the work from the previous one. Please complete a separate booking form for each date. Before your visit, we recommend a phone conversation between our workshop leader and your group leader to highlight specific interests and needs.

For further information on how to access the British Library building please see here.

Online Resources

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Age group: Adults with learning disabilities
When: Monday to Friday
Length: 90 minutes
Group size:

minimum 5 participants, maximum 10 plus support workers

Price: Admission: Free entry
Enquiries: +44 (0)20 7412 7797
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