The Hogwarts Curriculum Lectures: Divination with Marc Salem

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Are mind-readers real?

A look at how we deduce, or divine, meaning from non-verbal signs with Marc Salem, performer, mind reader and expert in non-verbal communication.

Marc Salem is an American mentalist and mind reader from Philadelphia who has been a student of the human mind for over 30 years and has featured in his own Broadway and West End show, Mind Games. As an academic he holds advanced degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and New York University, and has been on faculty of several major universities for close to two decades. He is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on non-verbal communication, and continues to focus on the ways in which the mind creates reality and meaning.

This event is aimed at an adult audience, although children are welcome to attend.


Name: The Hogwarts Curriculum Lectures: Divination with Marc Salem
Where: Knowledge Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
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When: -
Enquiries: +44 (0)1937 546546
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