Webinar: How to make a living from your writing

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What is the course about?

This course is about letting go of the unhelpful ‘starving artist in a garret’ mythology so endemic in the industry and instead becoming an entrepreneurial author who can make a real income from their writing. We will challenge your working practices and create a positive action plan to move you forward in your writing career.

Two-part workshop

After the first session you will be given homework to do, so that you can better understand your next steps. The second session is a couple of weeks later, giving you time to reflect and start developing your plans. We have found this to be very beneficial for our attendees.  

Part one: Friday 24th September 2021

Part two: Friday 15th October 2021

(If you find out about the topic and want to attend AFTER the first session, you are still welcome to join our second session: you will be sent the first session’s video and the homework so that you can ‘catch up’).

What will we cover?

  • The entrepreneurial mindset for authors
  • Developing a professional writing practice
  • Understanding, researching and working with the market
  • Publishing choices
  • Sources of income for writers and making them work for you
  • Money blocks
  • Marketing essentials

What will I achieve?

  • You will reassess what is needed to make a living as a writer and develop an entrepreneurial approach to your writing career. This will include:
  • Understanding what helps a book be successful
  • Understand the publishing choices you may need to make
  • Identifying multiple sources of writing income and how best to combine these
  • Understanding the importance of the market (and how to research elements of this)
  • Making a commitment to working in a different way that is more likely to bring you financial success

What is the level of the course and any particular skills?

This course is aimed at students who are either writing a novel or have finished their manuscript. Students should be close to publication or have published fairly recently. The emphasis is likely to be on fiction although we will cover some aspects of non-fiction. 

Praise for Melissa Addey’s past workshops at the British Library: 

I am very excited about your entrepreneurial perspective it that has given me a lot of ideas.

I was buzzing for a couple of hours afterwards - so many ideas and practical steps to get started. 

I enjoyed the webinar, it was just so inspirational.  You were so helpful giving so much information on what other people had done and what was out there.  Exciting times ahead!

Thank you again for all your insight, encouragement and openness.

I came out of your workshop and I felt like I had been hit round the head with a cricket bat...in a good way.'

(We do not take cancellations but if you are unable to attend on the day you will still receive the video playback, slides and eBooks by email after the workshop.)

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Name: Webinar: How to make a living from your writing
Where: Online
When: - , 10.00 - 13.00
Price: £80 (for double webinar)
Enquiries: bipcworkshops@bl.uk
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