How to sell with confidence

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Top tips and techniques on how to sell and turning your product into cash

The key to  successful  selling  is  to  understand  the techniques  of  an  effective  sales  process  and  one  that  will  provide you with increased confidence and improved sales skills to ensure you will be able to increase revenue and profits and penetrate new markets.

Does the thought of this leaves you with a feeling of dread and make you want to run the other way? Then help is at hand.  Selling and understanding the importance of selling is integral to ensuring your business is a success. This workshop, led by Joanna Sadie (Leapfrog), will provide you with an initial outline of how to be successful in selling by:


  • Identifying your core customers and clients and how to reach them
  • Identifying what to sell and to whom
  • Showing you how to find new markets and source new customers
  • Setting sales targets and building a sales pipeline
  • Showing you how to sell – what to say and how to ask for the business
  • Offering top tips on how to negotiate

And covers:


  • Sales Planning
  • Sales Techniques
  • Tips on Negotiation


Name: How to sell with confidence
Where: BIPC
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Enquiries: +44 (0)1937 546546
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