Webinar: How to sell without being 'salesy'

, 14.00 - 16.30
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Learn how to get customers to buy from you without being a typical sales salesperson.

Please note this workshop will now be taking place as a webinar.

Learn from the leading Mindful Selling expert, how to get customers to buy from you without being a typical salesy salesperson.

Anis has helped 1000s of startups and entrepreneurs gain confidence and clarity to sell for the first time.

Do you need land more sales from face-to-face meetings, but not sure how? Does selling make your toes curl? Do find “sales meetings” seem to go really well, but then you don’t hear back after the meeting?

If the answer is yes, then this workshop is for you.    

After this workshop you will know how to approach customers, have conversations that make them buy from you without being a typically pushy salesperson.   

After the event you will:

  1. Have clarity on where and how to start a “sales conversation”.
  2. Anis will show you how to build trust with prospects in face-to-face situations without being fake-friendly, so they want to buy from you.
  3. Having transformed from a shy, socially-awkward person to sales maven, Anis will show you her mindful method to instantly boost your confidence before meetings, without fake-it-till you make it bluster or needing a personality transplant, so you can show up as your brilliant self in meetings.
  4. Learn the difference between what founders say and what buyers buy when it comes to explaining what you do and why it matters; and learn how to speak your buyers language so they GET what you’re selling.
  5. You will also learn the biggest mistakes that make sales meetings a massive flop and a waste of time, and how to avoid them.
  6. Having sold in thousands of meetings, across twenty countries and multiple industries, Anis will show you a critical conversation you must always have with your prospects if you ever hope to win the sale.
  7. Learn how to “ask” so they say “YES” without being awkward or pushy.
  8. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to role-play your new skills, so you leave filled with confidence, use them straight away and start enjoying results.

And all of this without being salesy, pushy, slimy, or requiring a personality transplant. It will be fun, engaging and you'll get to practise with others in a safe environment.

What people have said about the workshop:

“I have been looking to sign up for Anis' sales workshop for a little while now after listening to her speak at an event. The value I have got out of less than £40 is astonishing! The simple to follow, easy to understand workshop has enabled me to gain so much confidence and clarity in the questions to ask. I would recommend this workshop to anyone in business. Thanks so much! Linda Goodchild,  Director,  The Improvement Group”

“Never in my entire law and finance career have I ever had any training in sales. I learned such a lot in a short time, starting applying, with success!”  

“I was nervous about selling, but Anis' workshop changed that for me - I now feel confident and clear about it."

“Inspiring approach that has helped us get into some conversations with new prospects."

“Days later, her mindful sales approach has helped us secure key meetings."

“Zen and peace and calm approach suited my personality."

“I won new business after your workshop."

“I've met Anis in one of her workshops “How to sell without being salesy”. Anis was a great speaker, who easily engaged the audience with her clear, easy and friendly speech. I must say that I had my doubt: sales is usually a super boring subject surrounded by show off. But going through Anis' perspective, was a very good surprise, as I found myself excited and ready to put in practice all the tips and exercises Anis shared with us. If you hate sales, please go to this workshop. You will learn sales is all about giving. “How come is it about giving?" Go there and find out by yourself” – Margarida Bonita, Employee Engagement Coach

You will leave this fun and engaging session seeing selling in a completely different light and be inspired and enthusiastic about selling. Seats are limited so sign-up to reserve your spot.

About the speaker:

Anis Qizilbash, founder of Mindful Sales Training, transformed from a shy introvert to generating £millions in revenue across multiple sectors, without being typically salesy. 

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Name: Webinar: How to sell without being 'salesy'
Where: Online
When: , 14.00 - 16.30
Price: £50
Enquiries: +44 (0)20 7412 7901
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