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Meetings of the Inventors Club at the British Library are continuing on ZOOM during 2021. Join us at the club, designed to help you refine, protect and commercialise that new product idea you’ve been tinkering with.

In the Zoom environment there will be no Non-disclosure Agreement, so participants will need to be aware of not disclosing critical aspects of their product ideas (particularly any patentable features).

The meeting will be hosted by Bob Lindsey, an experienced innovator, and Mark Sheehan, Inventor-in-residence at the British Library There is an opportunity for past presenters to update us on their progress, and how the incidence of Covid-19 has affected their progress.

For January we have innovators speaking about how they brought their new products to market and some with IP already disclosed who are working on their developments.



Name: Webinar: Inventors’ Club
Where: Online
When: , 18.00 – 19.30
Price: Admission: Free entry
Enquiries: bipcbookings@bl.uk
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