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Great ideas can change the world!

However, whilst lots of us often spot the potential for a new product or a new piece of technology, the harsh realities of research and development, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution often mean that few of those ideas make it to market.

The club meets regularly on the last Monday of the month.

At the event, we will be talking to innovators who have already brought their products to market or have disclosed their intellectual property. Join us to learn about their journeys, what problems they had to overcome and useful tips about bringing a new product to market.

The topic for 25th July is :  Finding and commissioning a designer

Inventors often ask,” how do I find a designer?” 

This can be a difficult question as many of these entrepreneurs are working on their first project and are unaware of the processes and the potential pitfalls along the way. In addition to the technical design issues, they can have challenges on the market research, working out the route-to-market, and marketing the product. We will have a number of designers at the club to explain their experiences of designing products for inventors and to answer questions from the attendees.

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The Inventors' Club is brought to you by the Business & IP Centre in collaboration with:

Bob Lindsey

A Chartered Engineer with a wide experience of marketing and business management, who has spent over twenty years advising entrepreneurs and small businesses on getting their new products to market. He was part of the team which set up the Inventors' Club at Kingston University in 2005, and he regularly runs Innovation Clinics at the British Library.

Innovators who would like to present their idea should contact Bob Lindsey on

Mark Sheahan

The Founder and Owner of Compgen Ltd and Culgen Ltd and the Chairman at Morgan Goodwin Ltd. Mark is a valued collaborator of the Business & IP Centre and for over 13 years Mark Volunteers his time with the Business & IP Centre on two Thursdays every month as the British Library's Inventor in Residence, helping over 1,000 aspiring innovators with their inventions.   

Note for presenters and attendees regarding confidentiality:

As this will be an online event, we have much less control of attendees and there is no non-disclosure agreement so presenters and attendees should not reveal confidential information they would wish to remain confidential.

We hope to be back in the British Library soon, all attendees will then be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement which gives some protection for the presenters’ and attendees’ Intellectual Property. 


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