James Cook The Voyages Secondary School Workshops

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Four learners take part in a workshop session
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Come aboard for free school workshops at the British Library

These dedicated sessions take learners on an activity-led journey through the gallery, taking in a wide range of exhibition objects and supporting Geography, History, Art and Design and cross-curricular learning. Our workshops take place in the James Cook: The Voyages exhibition and are free for school and college groups. 

Run by our team of creative educators, sessions will engage learners in exploration of the exhibition and its themes including navigation, globalisation, exploration and scientific discovery.

About the exhibition

To mark 250 years since Captain James Cook’s ship Endeavour set sail from Plymouth, this major exhibition will tell the story of Cook’s three great voyages through original documents, from Cook’s journal detailing the first crossing of the Antarctic Circle to handwritten log books, stunning artwork and intricate maps. Explore the experiences of people on the ship and in the places visited and shed new light on the encounters that completed the outline of the known world and formed the starting point for two centuries of globalisation. Find out more about the exhibition

Also available...

  • These sessions are also available to Primary school groups
  • Exhibition visits can be combined with our popular core workshop, Map Your World, to offer learners a full day’s experience at the Library
  • Self-guided visits in the exhibition are also offered free of charge, but must be booked in advance



Age group: Years 7 - 9
When: - , 10.30 and 13.00
Length: 90 minutes
Group size: Minimum 10 learners, maximum 40 learners. See details of adult-learner ratios on our 'how to book' pages
Key skills: Literacy; Geography; History; Art and Design; cross-curricular learning
Price: Admission: Free entry
Enquiries: 020 7412 7797
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