Khadija Saye: in this space we breathe

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Image credit: Sothiou  Courtesy of the Studio of Nicola Green and Jealous  © The Estate of Khadija Saye, London

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'We exist in the marriage of physical and spiritual remembrance. It's in these spaces...[that] we identify with our physical and imagined bodies.' – Khadija Saye

Composed of nine powerfully evocative self-portraits, this display of prints by Gambian-British artist Khadija Saye explores her enduring fascination with traditions of spirituality, and marks the artist’s concern with ‘how trauma is embodied in the black experience’.

Saye grew up in London, and her work and photographic technique experiment with the contrast and balance between her life in Britain and The Gambia. Throughout the series Saye uses objects to convey the importance of her personal connection to Gambian rituals – from purification to protection, the artworks demonstrate her desire for moments of spiritual grounding.

Saye and her mother, Mary Ajaoi Augustus Mendy, were tragically killed in the Grenfell fire in 2017. Sadly, many of Saye’s emotive, multi-layered and profound artworks, as well as objects used in them, were also lost. In the same year, her works were displayed in the Diaspora Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

This display commemorates Saye’s personal and professional growth, her creative exploration of alternative definitions of femininity, and her enduring artistic legacy.

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Image credit: Sothiou
Courtesy of the Studio of Nicola Green and Jealous
© The Estate of Khadija Saye, London


Name: Khadija Saye: in this space we breathe
Where: Upper Ground Floor
The British Library
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