Late at the Library: Word Up

17 May Late at the Library Word Up

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Visit the Library after hours and explore the written word

A late night lettering party at the Library. Try your hand at lettering art, making a zine, calligraphy and the latest technological tools, soundtracked by live DJs Krafty Kuts and Mr Thing. Plus a chance to see the exhibition Writing: Making Your Mark after hours.

Arrive early for The Word on the Street: Graffiti, Typography and Art. Starting at 19.00, and featuring legends of the early 80s New York subway graffiti scene Lady Pink (Wild Style), photographer Martha Cooper (Subway Art), internationally acclaimed ‘calligraffiti’ artist eL Seed and JAKe.

Arrive early for The Word on the Street: Graffiti, Typography and Art. Starting at 19.00, and featuring legends of the early 80s New York subway graffiti scene Lady Pink (Wild Style), photographer Martha Cooper (Subway Art)

Renowned and respected worldwide for his highly technical turntablism, meticulously crafted DJ sets and party-punching productions, Krafty Kuts is in a league of his own. One of the key pioneers in the UK breakbeat and bass movement, he has multiple awards to his name and has released music on the likes of Ministry Of Sound, OWSLA, Southern Fried, DMC, Fabric and many more.

DJ and hip hop producer Mr Thing is a former member of the Scratch Perverts. Along side amassing a fantastic record collection from digging trips across every continent, his production skills has enabled him to remix and produce records for a credible assortment of acts. 

Live art (starting 1pm on the Piazza) by Lady Pink, JAKe, Inkie, Smith (SaneSmith), Neequaye Dreph Dsane, Disco Dickins, Pinky, Ampersand, and more!

Knitting Machine - Ellen Johnson and Irene Albino
Ellen Johnson and Iren Albino presents their knitted 25 metre long essay, </unravel;> which combines elements of graphic design, coding and knitting to challenge the idea of binarisms

Lettering Arts Trust - Ayako Furuno and Mark Brooks
Artists from the Lettering Arts Trust show off their skills in letter cutting and carving, and brush lettering.

Exploring Letters as Shapes – Catherine Dixon + Prof Phil Baines
Create letters in this hands-on workshop.

ReWrite zine workshop - Paul Finn  and Etta Voorsanger Brill
Cut and reconstruct a series of feminist texts into new messages/meanings in this zine workshop.

Drawing Machine (Rhonda) - Nathalie de Valliere and Jaap De Maat
This drawing machine was built using instructions created by Sandy Noble, for his software “polargraph”, sending data from a computer to the machine. The tool questions what the future of design tools might look like and whether hybridisation between digital and analogue makes sense.

10,000 – Kenneth Lim
How can something be communicated 10,000 years into the future, when all the languages we have now are unrecognizable and the meanings of symbols are constantly in flux.  This interactive piece invites you to restore the lost message, keeping it recognizable for you and for the people after you.

One Pound Poem - Amber Hsu, Gareth Brookes, and J. Jason Mitchell
Poet-artists type out a poem just for you on any topic of your choice - while you watch.  Or you would flex your fingers on a real-life Remington typewriter and help the One Pound Poems crew create a giant, epic poem.

Print Wagon
Illustrator, printmaker and artist, Aidan Saunders brings along his print wagon, to display his unique printmaking system using a wide range of hand-printed ephemera.

Pass Writing - Shelagh McCarthy
Visual artist Shelagh McCarthy, offers you a chance to try your hand at early writing tech using runes, cuneiform and hieroglyphs.

Graphologist -  Emma Bache
Ever wondered what your handwriting says about you?  Graphologist Emma Bache can reveal the fascinating insights of personality and character hidden in your signature.

In association with Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. Supported by the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library.

Event sponsored by Montblanc
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Name: Late at the Library: Word Up
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