Events and activities in Leeds

Owl lantern at the British Library's Light Night Leeds 2021 installation. Credit: Abbie Jennings

Enjoy cultural and learning activities in and around Leeds.

For more than 50 years our Boston Spa site in Yorkshire has been home to 70% of our collection, employing nearly 600 staff.

Today we’re connecting with even more people in the region, opening up our collections through new events and learning activities in the city following the announcement of funding to establish a major new public space in Leeds.

Working with local people and partners, our exciting programme will build in the coming months and years, ahead of Leeds 2023 and alongside the renewal of our Boston Spa site.

Jill McKnight: Desire Lines 

See our new collaborative exhibition at Leeds Art Gallery, developed by the artist Jill McKnight in response to our collections. 

Retrace the physical and metaphorical paths carved by Leeds residents across the city’s landscape and history in this free exhibition. Find out more on the Leeds Art Gallery website

Closes 16 October 2022 

Food Means Home

Calling all cooks: learn how to make a selection of dishes from around the world.

The complementary collection of recipes have been developed by young people from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Chad who have been separated from their families. Find the recipes onour Food Means Home page and learn how the project is exploring food culture with children and young people in Leeds. 

Coming soon

This summer, Living with Machines, the first major Library exhibition to be hosted in Leeds, will open at Leeds City Museum. This free exhibition will shed fresh light on the Industrial Revolution by exploring how advances in technology impacted the lives of ordinary people. 

Image credit: Abbie Jennings.


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