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Explore the Library's sound archive with these classroom-based activities

To support schools in the current period and beyond, we are developing a range of learning materials that aim to replicate activities from our face-to-face workshops. These can be used at any time to fit in with your teaching schedule.

Our Listen Up! learning materials comprise a series of short activity videos with supporting teachers’ notes. The interconnected creative activities are led by British Library Learning Facilitators to develop learners’ experience and confidence in responding to sounds from a wide range of contexts.

Learners will be inspired by the sounds they hear to create original responses through discussion, drawing, writing, mapping, vocalising and moving. Creative, playful and exploratory the activities support learner wellbeing, encouraging grounding in the moment as we focus on the sounds we can hear.

Listen Up! has been designed to offer you flexibility. You can run activities back to back, or spread them out over the course of one or two days. If you are looking for short stand-alone activities to change the pace of the day, you can run each activity separately.


How does it work?

  • When you contact us, we’ll connect you with one of the British Library Learning Facilitators who created these materials
  • They will share the materials with you, explain how they can be used in your classroom or for remote learning, and answer any questions you might have. They will arrange to do this with you over email or in a video call
  • You use the materials with your class to run the activities in lesson time
  • After you’ve run the session/s, your Learning Facilitator can offer a 30-minute video call for your class to share what they have been working on and ask questions on the topic or about the British Library
  • We will be in touch to request feedback from you and your class on how everything went, as part of our commitment to continual improvement of our programme


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Age group: Years 5 - 6
When: Monday to Friday
Length: Between 15- 35 minutes per activity; five activities in total
Key skills: Literacy, cross-curricular
Price: Admission: Free entry
Where: Online
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