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These interconnected creative activities develop learners’ experience and confidence in responding to sounds from a wide range of contexts. Learners will be inspired by sound to create original responses through discussion, drawing, writing, mapping, vocalising and moving. Creative, playful and exploratory these activities also support learner wellbeing, encouraging grounding in the moment as we focus on the sounds we can hear.

Our Listen Up! learning materials comprise a series of short activity videos with supporting teachers’ notes. Designed for flexibility, you can run the activities individually, back to back as a series, or spread over the course of a day or more.


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Also available

Listen Up! is available as a live, 90-minute workshop session at our St Pancras site, delivered by our team of Learning Facilitators. For further details and to book see the website


Age group: Years 5 - 6
When: Monday to Friday
Length: Between 15- 35 minutes per activity; five activities in total
Key skills: Literacy, cross-curricular
Price: Admission: Free entry
Where: Online
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